Grant Aleksander

Rating The Young Uns: Why Soaps Could Use More Actors Like Blake Berris And Less Hair Models

Okay you knew it was coming. Now that the Idiots In Charge of The-Soap-Opera-Formerly-Known-as-Days-of-Our-Lives have let the phenomenal Blake Berris go, I decided to start out doing a Wishful Casting about where Berris should end up, but it turned into more of an analysis of which soaps are managing to set things up for their next generation the right way, and which ones are getting it wrong, dead wrong.

Much of the daytime industry is experiencing a serious drought in terms of talented, young stars who can actually, you know, act. Save for The Young and the Restless, One Life to Live and General Hospital, the under 30 set at most soaps is pretty much comprised of rejects from the Pamela Anderson School of Acting and Pantomime.  I'll start with the soaps in most need of help and work my way up. READ MORE

Elizabeth Hubbard on Life on Mars

Check out the wonderful Elizabeth Hubbard's cameo on ABC's Life on Mars. A screencap of Guiding Light's Grant Aleksander coming shortly.

How Guiding Light Co-Head Writer Jill Lorie Hurst Got "Phillip" To Come Home

Fans of Guiding Light's Grant Aleksander and his trademark character, troubled Spaulding scion Phillip, have none other than co-head writer Jill Lorie Hurst to thank for the actor agreeing to reprise the role he made famous and notoriously vacated four years ago. In the new issue of Soap Opera Weekly, Aleksander reveals how Hurst, an old friend of his, put in a call letting Aleksander know how missed he was. Someone should give Hurst the key to Peapack. For more on how Hurst helped facilitate Aleksander's return check out the new SOW on newstand's now.

Sending Soap Stars To "Mars"

Set your DVRS soap nuts. All My Children's vacationing vixen Alicia Minshew, Guiding Light's newly-returned, hopeful soap-ssiah Grant Aleksander and As The World Turns diva du jour Elizabeth Hubbard will all be spoofing soap stars on tonight's episode of Life on Mars, when the crime drama's main character tune's in to watch his favorite show, according to Soap Opera Digest. Also look for Hubbard's former costar, Jennifer Ferrin (ex-Jenn, ATWT) to make a small appearance. Life on Mars airs on ABC. Check your local listings beeyouches and thanks ssjohn for the tip!

Belief vs. Disbelief

Belief & Disbelief

At the risk of indulging an age-old cliché or perhaps inventing a new one, real life is the soap opera that interrupts our daytime dramas.

I've been away for the last couple of weeks caring for my partner who was seriously ill for a little while (all is better now); dealing with the challenges of running a business and maintaining my livelihood in a faltering economy; consoling friends over unexpected loss in their lives and reveling in the result of a Presidential election which has left me elated and joyous in an event that I, as a Black man, never thought I would see in my lifetime. This time has been filled with hospital vigils and prayers (all answered in the affirmative), nail biting suspense, and a dash of personal intrigue. In short, the last two weeks have been a period of belief and disbelief. READ MORE

BREAKING NEWS: Grant Aleksander Returns as Phillip Spaulding!

First they bring back Eileen Davidson as Ashley and get rid of that awful Eden (Erin Sanders) on The Young and the Restless, now comes news that CBS and Proctor and Gamble have convinced the phenomenal Grant Aleksander to return as Guiding Light's Phillip Spaulding! What are they trying to do make us love them again? Let's just hope Phillip returns as the dashing, heroic character fans fell in love with and not the psycho nut job the character was reduced to before Aleksander left the soap. For more on Aleksander's return, pick up the Nov. 25 issue of Soap Opera Digest.