Greg Rikaart

Mr. Kitty, The Real Story Part 3

Those wacky kids over at The Young and the Restless are back again, with Mr. Kitty's real story.

The New York Observer Loves Themselves Some Imaginary Bitches!

The New York Observer has a new guilty pleasure, a little web comedy called Imaginary Bitches! Check out what the reporter has to say about Andrew Miller and Eden Riegel's creative love child.

Imaginary Bitches is a hilarious, better than Sex and the City, YouTube sensation you probably don't know about. The Web series, which premiered last year, was just nominated for an Emmy in the "New Approaches" category. Soap star Eden Riegel of All My Children stars as a single gal whose friends all get into their boyfriend bubbles, so she creates her own social world populated by imaginary friends who aren't so friendly. The show, created and produced by Ms. Riegel's husband, Andrew Miller, is currently being shopped as a movie.


Behind The Scenes With Y&R's Cooper, LeBlanc, Rikaart and Goddard

Check out this video by Our Prattville's Melissa Parker of The Young and the Restless stars Jeanne Cooper, Daniel Goddard, Christian LeBlanc and Greg Rikaart on stage and behind-the-scenes at Joyce Becker's Soap Opera Festival at the Silver Star Casino Convention Center. For a compete recount of the event visit Our Prattville.

Y&R: Should Daniel and Jana Hook Up?

In an interview with TV Guide Canada Greg Rikaart and Emily O'Brien discuss her Emmy nomination, Kevin and Jana's marriage and whether or not Daniel and Jana should hook up.

TVG: Emily, it looks like Y&R is testing chemistry between you and Michael Graziadei [Daniel]. Are they going to have an affair?
EO: I don’t know. I like the fab four together. The writers are always testing different relationships to create more conflict. But for now, I think it’s a platonic relationship.

TVG: Are you jealous, Greg, that Graz may be moving in on your woman?
GR: I wouldn’t be jealous if it’s a good story. The four of us are far more interesting together than apart. We work better together as a unit. But I understand trying to create tension between us if Jana and Daniel were to develop a romantic relationship.

Should Daniel and Jana hook up?

Y&R: Jana's Bail Is Denied

If you were a judge would you let Jana Fisher (Emily O'Brien) out on bail? Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) isn't the only one in their household with a criminal past and it looks as if it finally caught up with her. Do you think Jana should have been denied bail?