Greg Vaughan

Greg Vaughan at Playing For Hope Charity Event

Former General Hospital star Greg Vaughan and wife Touriya Haoud were two of the celebrities who turned out for the Playing for Hope Charity Event, hosted by Eva Longoria and Rafa Marquez, on July 17 at the SLS Hotel. READ MORE

Jonathan Jackson Burns Down Port Charles

"You're maudlin and full of self-pity. You're magnificent." — Addison DeWitt, All About Eve, 1950

Jonathan Jackson is an arsonist.

How else can one describe the blazing inferno the actor set off on today's episode of General Hospital where Lucky (Jackson) directly confronted his lifelong love Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and his brother Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) about sleeping with each other behind his back?

Jackson elevated his performance to epic proportions that might as well have been from the stage of a Greek tragedy, Tennessee Williams or August Wilson play in this episode. It wasn't just good; it was electrifying. After Monday's performance, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences should just put an Emmy for Jackson on layaway and call it a wrap.

From the moment Lucky caught Liz and Nik doing the funky chicken in flagrante delicto, GH's writers and Jackson ratcheted up the tension with a high wire act of jangling nerves, a virtual cat on a hot tin roof. Alone, Lucky was a hot mess, trashing the house he had shared with Elizabeth (formerly the home of his parents, Luke and Laura), oddly confiding both police secrets about the investigation into Claudia's death and his own emotional turmoil to Jason (Steve Burton), and generally was a emotional wreck, careening  all over the place like a pinball. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

I’m all caught up on GH and ready to dish! First, welcome back Jonathan Jackson! I know he’s been back for a bit now and I know most GH fans are happy the original recipe Lucky Spencer returned to his Port Chuck roots but for me, there has been something lacking. The topic was discussed on a recent ABC Podcast and I just have to say that the Lucky who is all cracked out after seeing Elizabeth and Nikolas together is the JJ I’ve been waiting for. My roomie and I were discussing this very topic last night and some of you may remember that she is a HUGE Greg Vaughan fan but even she admitted after those scenes, she would have liked to see Jackson take on Lucky’s addiction the first go around.

Look for Lucky to not hide his addiction this go around. He’s telling Lulu that he’s fallen off the wagon today. RUMORS have Lulu and Dominic trying to pick him up and dust him off. Can they? Nikolas and Elizabeth will get a piece of his mind but will it be a clear head or a cloudy drunken mess? Can Lucky continue to play Daddy in his current state? SPOILERS say Elizabeth is melting down at work but I’m not sure Liz fans should get their panties in a bunch just yet. The nurse MAY break but she shouldn’t be headed to Shadybrook. READ MORE

Ex-GH Star Greg Vaughan Has Baby Boy

Ex-General Hospital star Greg Vaughan and his wife Touriya welcomed the birth of a baby boy yesterday. The actor tweeted

Touriya & I are pleased to announce the birth of Cavan Thomas Vaughan who was born on 1/19/2010 @ 1:19pm.  Exact weight/size of his Big Brother!! 7lbs 15oz - 20 in long.

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

I feel like I’m always saying sorry for my absence but I’ve had tons going on… after the jump I’ll dish on that dirt, it’s only fair and long past due. But really you all have been missing the GH dirt so let’s handle the business at hand, ok?

I have to agree with our girl Perkie. I love me some JJ but come on! Greg Vaughan was here and so was Jacob Young and their versions of Lucky Spencer were not in love with Jason Morgan. In fact, until JJ returned, Lucky and Jason were definitely at odds. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I simply don’t downshift that fast at least not without some explanation. Hello writers, you’re writers, write a line to explain Lucky and Jason’s newfound love affair, ok? Simple solution. Is this all leading to Lucky leaving the force? What’s with his complete disregard for all things PCPD and procedure? READ MORE

Greg Vaughan in Hoax Interview

Former General Hospital star Greg Vaughan was interviewed on Dutch TV this weekend. What Greg didn’t know was that it was a hoax interview set up with help from his wife Touriya Haoud. Greg thinks he’s being interviewed by Japanese TV reporter Ushi Hirosaki while it’s actually the Dutch Wendy van Dijk. You can watch the complete interview after the jump. READ MORE