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Julie Marie Berman: A Pilot and a Movie

What's the latest with General Hospital star Julie Marie Berman (Lulu Spencer)?  According to the actress's website a pilot and a movie.

Pilot: 22
Julie is currently filming the pilot presentation for the show called, "22," produced by Daniel Kellison. She continues to work on General Hospital around the filming of this project.

Film: Rachel's Return
Julie is scheduled to star in the upcoming film, Rachel's Return, playing the character of Rachel. Filming will begin July of '09 and end in August of '09. She is extremely grateful for General Hospital's flexibility in scheduling around this project, and will continue to play Lulu during these months as well. More details on the film to follow...

Does this mean we'll be seeing less Lulu in the coming months? Is GH trying to lighten the load by allowing their actors and actresses time off for outside projects? Berman's onscreen brother, Greg Vaughan, had told fans that GH was being more lienient by allowing the stars to pursue outside work.

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 06.02.09

So NotEmily isn’t the RealEmily, she’s Emily’s long lost twin. Is that TPTB way of placating the fans who wanted her to be the real deal? SPOILER has it that Rebecca has known all along she’s the long lost twin despite her insistence otherwise when she first hit PC. Another bit of history rewritten? When Monica’s cancer story was happening, we met Paige Bowen a single mother who was very open with her fellow breast cancer patient Monica Quartermaine. Paige left Monica to care for her only child yet never mentioned that only child was actually a twin? I can’t wait to see how Guza and company spin this one. One RUMOR says Rebecca’s adoption was illegal. I know most fans say “how can she be Emily? We saw her dead body laying there for days upon days.” Well, in GH time it was only one night despite it taking weeks to play out. It’s very plausible to make NotEmily the RealEmily. Alexis uncovers the dirt with Rayner’s help and Rebecca leaves Wyndamere just in time to bump into Helena who wants in on Rebecca’s scam of her grandson. That Helena never misses a golden opportunity. Rebecca pretends to not know that she and Emily were twins when Nikolas shows her proof. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.27.09

Alexis fan? I keep hearing that the attorney will be getting plenty of story to play with. The question is will it be favorable? Some of Alexis’s best scenes are when she goes off on another PC resident and while I like the Sonny-Alexis friendship one of my favorite scenes was her going off on Sonny and Jason at her sister’s funeral. Will that happen again? RUMORS have Alexis laying into her daughter’s father when Ric goes missing. Can you blame her? IF Sonny is involved in Ric’s “disappearance” he’s taking Molly’s father away from her. There’s more for Alexis coming up. She’s still determined to link Rebecca to Helena and there’s that whole political mess RUMORED to be happening with Mayor Floyd and his wife. Will Alexis get the dirt on NotEmily? SPOILERS say she uncovers a few “skeletons” in Rebecca’s closet.

Speaking of Ric… he wants Claudia to go on the run with him. Is that what happens to Sonny’s bro? Or will he be the murder mystery we had heard about? Either way, Rick Hearst vacates Port Chuckles mid June. According to Martha Byrne she shared some of Hearst’s last scenes with him. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.06.09

Nursing a Cinco de Mayo hangover? Be warned that this may make you nauseous. According to a report in this week’s TVGuide, Holly comes to town to tell Luke he is the father. Say it isn’t so! There is much more story potential if Robert Scorpio is the pops. Interesting tid bit… Nathan Parsons (Ethan) read for the role of Dante but didn’t fit the part because he is Australian despite most fans thinking his accent is a fake. TPTB - or TIIC as I like to call them - were so taken with Parsons, they created the role of Ethan for him. They should have stopped at him not being right for the role of Dante. CAUTION: Another interview with Emma Samms had her playing coy about Ethan’s paternity.

Speaking of yet another Corinthos child… lord there are way too many of them. Dante is still being cast according to sources. The original plan was to have Dante already in town when Michael woke up but the casting wasn’t going as planned. Do we really need more of Sonny’s offspring? Jason can’t be around the one child he has but Sonny has them literally coming out of the woodwork. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 04.29.09

You all know I’m dreading the LL2 reunion right? I do love Rebecca Herbst and my roomie is a huge Greg Vaughan fan so I guess there is some silver lining to the dark cloud, more airtime for Becky and Greg. It however, does not dampen my Liason love who has a scene coming up! I’m such a sucker… At least it seems the writers remember that Elizabeth works in the hospital that Jason is in and that the former loves could possibly run into one another.

Since there’s Liason coming… and LL2 what should JaSam fans be looking for? RUMORS of Jason confiding in Sam although those RUMORS had that happening weeks ago and so far, nothing. Possibly next week… In other Kelly news not only was Lindsay Lohan supposedly looked at as her PeepShow replacement but now there are reports that Elizabeth Berkley (Jesse Spano, Saved By the Bell) was spotted at the PeepShow and the “showgirl” MAY be in talks to join the show. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 04.23.09

I mentioned Sonny getting a little too concerned about Carly’s pregnancy. Jax has some issues with it and what has Sonny’s panties in such a bunch? Doesn’t he have his own expectant wife to worry about? Apparently Sonny finds out about Carly’s “condition” and it doesn’t sit well with her former spouse. Will Jax and Sonny duke it out? Are some “classic” Jason, Carly and Sonny scenes coming are way? Maybe. My roomie brought up a great point yesterday. Why is this “condition” cause for such concern? Wasn’t Carly pregnant last year with no mention of said “condition?” Now, I fully admit my GH watching is not as intense as it once was –that’s what happens when I’m bored to sleep while watching – so I may have missed the explanation. Fill me in on what I may have missed. READ MORE