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Days of Our Lives' Dr. Daniel Jonas in "Diagnosis: Priest Poisoning" (VIDEO)

Move over, Dick Van Dyke. There's a new medical detective in town and his name is Dr. Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian)! This past week on Days of Our Lives, Salem University Hospital's top doc was determined to get to the bottom of Father Eric's (Greg Vaughan) poisoning.

Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) was being snippy with Maxine (Aloma Wright) about the angsty, middle-aged couple's Facebook status. One thing was for sure, JJ (Casey Moss) was tickled his ma and the human thermometer were doing a Ross and Rachel and "taking a break". Watch the DAYS recap video after the jump!


Will Kristen Expose Eric’s Defrocking on Days of Our Lives?

I knew Monday's episode of Days of Our Lives was going to be good when it opened with Kristen (Eileen Davidson) saying “Bless me Father, for I have sinned”, as practically everyone in Salem watched her with concern. She told the Bishop what she had to say would impact everyone in the room, and involved Eric (Greg Vaughan).

However, before Kristen made her reveal, Victor (John Aniston) and Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) interrupted. Kristen tried to cut into the conversation, but Brady (Eric Martsolf) stopped her by saying he had something to tell her that could change everything. READ MORE

Days of Our Lives' Alison Sweeney and Greg Vaughan Get Romantic in Hallmark Flick (TRAILER)

Days of Our Lives fans get ready to see the Brady twins in a new light! Salem’s own Alison Sweeney and Greg Vaughan star in The Hallmark Channel’s Second Chances.

Sweeney plays Jenny, a single mother of two and 911 operator who crosses paths with Jeff (Vaughan), a local firefighter. Jenny must decide if she will throw caution to the wind and fall in love with Jeff, after a bitter divorce. Watch the trailer after jump! READ MORE

How Far Will Kristen Go to Cover Her Tracks on Days of Our Lives? (PROMO)

Kristen (Eileen Davidson) thought her plan to use Eric (Greg Vaughan) to get back at his family was tied up in a nice, little package with a bow on top. However, since learning there may have been a problem with the drug she used to rape the priest, Kristen has been scrambling to prevent the truth from coming out.

How far will she go to cover her tracks on Days of Our Lives? Watch this week’s DAYS promo after the jump! READ MORE

Will Eric Get an Eyeful of Himself With Kristen on Days of Our Lives?

Sami (Alison Sweeney) waited with EJ (James Scott) and Justin (Wally Kurth) for the grand jury’s decision. All three were ecstatic when she wasn’t indicted. Their celebration was cut short by the wife of the man Sami shot, who had been sitting quietly in the hall. She went off on Sami and threatened revenge.

Apparently Kristen wants a second career in porn production. She was busy editing the sex tape she made of her rape of Father Eric (Greg Vaughan). 

It turned out Kristen needs a lot more practice, because she got frustrated and called one of Stefano’s (Joseph Mascolo) contacts to help her. That Stefano has quite the rolodex. READ MORE

Will Eric Remember What Kristen Did on Days of Our Lives?

Nicole (Arianne Zucker) tried to rouse Eric (Greg Vaughan) from his drugged state, but he kept passing out.  Instead of calling 911, Nicole tried to sooth his fever with a washcloth. Remind me never to trust Nicole in a medical emergency. After what seemed like forever, Nicole rushed to the lobby and got help.

Kristen (Eileen Davidson) was confronted by a hotel employee, because he thought she hadn’t paid for her room. Luckily, the front desk clerk, who said she hadn’t gotten the paperwork done amid the phone problems, rescued her.  When Kristen got home, she started rewatching her sex tape. The scientist Kristen employed to create the drug showed up at the DiMera mansion, and revealed there was something wrong with one of the drug’s ingredients. It turns out; Eric might remember what happened to him. READ MORE