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Will Ridge's Return Mean Romance For Brooke Or Another Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful?

How will The Bold and the Beautiful's Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) react to everything that has transpired during his absence, namely former wife Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) having played hide-the-sword with Bill (Don Diamont)? Could Brooke's actions cause Ridge to look in her little sister Katie's (Heather Tom) direction?

TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan spoke to showrunner Brad Bell for the juicy scoop.

TV Guide Magazine: Given your love for twisted romance, will you have Ridge fall Katie? It would drive Bill and Brooke crazy!

Bell: [Laughs] Well... maybe I will. Anything is possible! Thorsten makes a fantastic Ridge — very different from [predecessor] Ronn Moss. He'll really electrify the show. Bill has been cock-of-the-walk for way too long. He needs a little competition! And that's exactly what he's going to get! We're going to find out that Ridge has gone through something very significant during his time away — something that's really changed him. There's only one Ronn Moss and he was splendid, but now we have a new and very different Ridge and it's exciting to write for him.


Another Odd Legal Drama Involving Hunter Tylo

I've had to read this item in The Wrap three times to make sense of who is suing whom for what and who's zooming who. Apparently an octogenarian ballet teacher named Patricia McCoy has filed suit against an actress and former student by the name of Holly Gagnier, whom the toe tutor claims sabotaged a potential movie deal with ex-The Bold and the Beautiful actress Hunter Tylo. Here's an excerpt from the report:

In her complaint, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last week, McCoy claims that Gagnier tried to sabotage a potential movie deal between McCoy and Tylo, based on McCoy’s 1999 book “The American Dream Has Put Our Souls to Sleep.” The book, according to the complaint, chronicles McCoy’s professional relationship with Lorene Yarnell of Shields and Yarnell, who McCoy claims to have helped make the transition from mime to a ballerina.

McCoy claims that she struck up a deal with Tylo for a script based on the book, with Tylo starring in the potential movie. However, according to the suit, in September Gagner called Tylo’s manager and trash-talked McCoy in an effort to spoil the agreement. READ MORE

Why I Wish My Invitation to Jack Abbott's Birthday Party on The Young and the Restless Had Been Lost in The Mail

I could use so many classic literary titles and/or phrases to begin this post about what went wrong Monday on CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless, as opposed to everything sister soap, The Bold and the Beautiful, did right. It Was The Best of Soaps, It Was The Worst of Soaps — A Tale of Two Bell Sudsers. READ MORE

The Bold and the Beautiful Serves Up One Helluva a Birthday Surprise

Heather Tom may as well get her Daytime Emmy gear ready for next year’s ceremony, as she definitely served up her reel in Monday's episode. Taylor (Hunter Tylo) would not let Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) get away with her tryst with Bill (Don Diamont) — damn the psychiatrist's career, Katie’s heart or her relationship with Eric (John McCook) for that matter. 

Taylor’s persistence opposite Katie’s insistence in believing she was lying, provided fantastic drama for this 30-minute soap opera,  especially when Brooke couldn't deny a damn thing. How heartbreaking was it to watch Katie beg the older sister, who meant the world to her, to tell her it was all a lie? READ MORE

Taylor to Katie on The Bold and the Beautiful: "This Isn't About Hate; It's About Truth"

The Prada-clad poop hits the fan today on The Bold and the Beautiful. Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) is hellbent on ruining Brooke Logan's (Katherine Kelly Lang) birthday party, by spilling all to Katie (Heather Tom) about Brill's secret rendevous.

I wish Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) would just haul off and jab that hateful shrink with his tiny sword. The one around his neck, people! Meanwhile, Thomas (Adam Gregory) is trying to figure everything out. Oh Tom-Tom, just stand there and look pretty.  Watch today's B&B teaser after the jump!  


Taylor to Eric on The Bold and The Beautiful: "Is There Something Going on Between You and Brooke?"

Beverly Hills' answer to Nancy Drew is on the case today on The Bold and the Beautiful. After confronting her father-in-law-turned-lover, Eric (John McCook), will Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) finally discover the secret Brooke's (Katherine Kelly Lang) been hiding?

Oh Taylor, Eric can't help it. Men just naturally crave secret rendevous with Brooke Logan! Watch today's B&B promo after the jump.