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Should B&B’s Brooke Give Ridge The Heave-Ho and Choose Nick or Thomas?

After all these years of fight Taylor (Hunter Tylo) for Ridge (Ronn Moss) maybe it’s time for Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) to give Ridge the old heave-ho, for good.  Sure, Brooke and Ridge have a long, twisted history, but sometimes it’s that history that becomes their biggest stumbling block. Fortunately, it’s not as if The Bold and the Beautiful is suffering from a shortage of other possible love interests.

One candidate is ex-hubby Nick Marone (Jack Wagner), who hasn’t had boat rocked in quite some time.  Brooke and Nick always shared something special. Another candidate is her husband’s hunky son Thomas (Adam Gregory), who Brooke was stranded on an island with. The two have been caught in a compromising situation more than once and they’ve oozed chemistry together. Whether Brooke was to choose Nick or Thomas, such a twist could breathe new life into Brooke’s storylines.

Should Brooke choose Nick or Thomas?

Hunter Tylo is on The Next BOLD CHAT

Be sure to visit on Friday May 20, when The Bold and the Beautiful’s Hunter Tylo is in-studio with Casey Kasprzyk for a special interview. During the chat she will talk about her B&B onscreen pairings, those hallucinogenic berries and her outside projects. It all starts at 1:30 PM PST.

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What Keeps Taylor and Brooke Sniffing After Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful?

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Taylor/Ridge/Brooke triangle is a thing of legend, but after all these years, it it certainly isn’t fresh. In a piece at, Sara Bibel tackles why Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) still act as if The Chiseled One (Ronn Moss) is the only man that keeps their hormones pumping.

As I screamed, “What are you, twelve?” at my television, I realized that may be the appeal of the triangle. Despite their decades of complicated history, Taylor and Brooke both still feel that Ridge is their Edward Cullen.

Their love for him is an intense and irrational as a teenager’s. It is not tempered by their experiences with him, experiences that should have taught them that he is far from perfect. On some level, the idea of being that excited about a man, putting him up on a pedestal despite even after messy break ups and raising children together, is appealing.

The Bold and the Beautiful's Hunter Tylor Reportedly Loses Lawsuit; Slammed with $885,000 Judgement!

The Bold and The Beautiful star Hunter Tylo was reportedly ordered by a Las Vegas judge to pay $885,000 to a psychotherapist who Tylo filed suit against, according to On Point

The Bold and The Beautiful's Hunter Tylo Gets Sued

TMZ is reporting Hunter Tylo is being sued in a joint lawsuit by her lawyer, manager and security firm. According to the site, The Bold and the Beautiful star allegedly owes money to all three for work done for Tylo.

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