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Brooke Fights For Her Man on B&B!

Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) tells Ridge (Ronn Moss) why its better to shack up with the girl from the valley!

Last Week's B&B: "I Now Pronounce You Man And... HORSE!"

The Tridge tots, AKA Thomas and Steffy, continued trying to keep Brooke away from their Ridge. They had all Brooke’s messages to Ridge forwarded to Steffy’s phone. When Stephanie found out she was thrilled that her grandkids were such schemers and told them to keep it secret. READ MORE

B&B: Brooke/Ridge/Taylor Remix

Elizabeth Taylor better watch out, Ridge's (Ronn Moss) trying to break her record of marriages. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) is hell bent on getting her man, the girl from the Valley is BACK!

Last Week's B&B: Ridge Makes Taylor And Brooke Weak At The Knees, Part 52,739

Steffy saw Brooke and Ridge hugging and got a little verklempt. Brooke went home to snivel over pictures of Ridge again, but Steffy was hot on her heels. Brooke said she’d “made a mistake” in ditching Ridgiculous. Steffy slammed Brooke for causing her father pain and was adamant that Ridge needed the peace and stability of Taylor/Steffy/Thomas.

Stephanie gave Whip the lowdown on Brooke’s current situation and sent him over there to try and keep her away from Ridge. Brooke was surprised to see Whip in LA. Of course, there was some reminiscing and the two of them had a pretty fun smooch. Brooke yanked his chain by pretending she was ready to get fresh in the bedroom: “take me upstairs.” Alas, she once more confessed she would always love Ridge, and she wasn’t ready for humpy-pumpy yet.

Meanwhile, back at the crypt, Ridge told Taylor she was “stuck with him.” How true. Then Taylor had to go and spoil it all by saying that he was “the best thing that ever happened to either one of us,” meaning Brooke or Taylor. Seriously, we’re expected to buy that, despite the fact that he keeps pawing them both? Ugh. They both look pathetic trying to “win” that jackass. Ridge didn’t look too thrilled at Taylor’s marriage proposal, although their grown children clapped and whooped. Good ol’ daddy Ridge. READ MORE

Ridge Isn't "Coming Back" on B&B

Ridge (Ronn Moss) and Taylor (Hunter Tylo) are about to get married, which means he must make the proverbial "I once loved you, but I've chosen another woman" courtesy call to tell Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) he isn't coming back to her.

Will Ridge come back to Brooke?

Last Week's B&B: I Must Be Off My Meds - I Like Katie

The aftermath of the honey fiasco was quite silly really. Pam told Stephanie that she’d been behind Donna’s gunging, but denied it to Donna, Eric and Ridge. She resigned from Forrester Creations before she could be fired, and later in the week went for a job interview at Jackie M. Hilarity ensued. (Note to B&B writers, CCed to Alley Mills: a little campiness goes a long way.) She talked about her brain tumor, she offered them lemon bars and she got the job. That probably means more Pam hi-jinks with wild animals, honey, or both, very soon.

Katie took on damage control for Forrester. Bill convinced her to have a “business dinner” with him, on the understanding that she’d put forward a case to keep the Donna-drenched-in-honey pictures off the front page. Bill made it clear that he wanted to take Eric down and get control of Forrester. She was intrigued by him and wanted to dig deeper. He was drawn to her, but warned her off getting too close. This is the stuff I love - finally, some sparks on B&B. There was a moment I thought they were gonna get fresh on his office desk. They sure beat the dead-on-arrival pistachios and mini-hoops “romance” Katie had with Nick. READ MORE