Hunter Tylo

Taylor and Ridge Make Love on B&B

No pills or prescriptions were used in this scene. Any similarities between love and romance are purely coincidental.

Last Week's B&B: Jowen Weds, Bridge Collapses, We Trudge Towards Tridge

Nick and Bridget honeymooned in Hawaii, but Jackie and Owen kept them awake with their red hot monkey love in the next room. Initially, both couples had no idea the other was there. Bridget and Owen were the first to realise what was going on, and subsequently tried to keep the oldsters from finding out. What followed were hilarious hi jinks B&B style (i.e. pretty lame comedy). The youngsters kept smooching their partners to stop the oldsters catching a glimpse of the other couple, or dragging their partners into their respective bedrooms. The rest of Nick and Bridget’s honeymoon revolved around him being a grouch about one thing or another.

Owen and Jackie were much more fun. Who doesn’t enjoy watching the Jackster get her cougar on? Lesley-Anne Down sparkles and Brandon Beemer has come alive opposite her. By the end of the week, Bridget fessed up to Nick, realising Owen and Jackie planned to marry. Nick threw another mantrum and raced to the beach to try and prevent the wedding. Tough luck... they’d already said their vows and were driving off as he arrived. So, he’ll probably spend all next week being a grumpy old curmudgeon again. READ MORE

B&B: It's All A Bit Fuzzy

What does it take to sleep with Taylor (Hunter Tylo)? Apparently a bottle of pills.

RELATED: Have you ever watched The Bold and the Beautiful in Spanish? I did today and it is as if the skies have opened and the light of understanding has shown down on me. I don't have a clue what is being said, but everything B&B is doing onscreen makes so much more sense now. It is truly an American telenovela. If you haven't watched it in Spanish at you should. It is worth the laugh.

B&B: Snoopy Stephanie Forrester

Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) is snooping into exactly what happened between Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Ridge (Ronn Moss).
Can Taylor keep her secret?

Last Week's B&B: Nick Throws A Mantrum; Pill-Popping Ridge Gets His Freak On With Taylor

Nick’s proposal to Bridget was preceded by this less-than-romantic declaration: “I have been a beast. I don’t know if I could sink any lower than I already have.” Well, he said it. She accepted gratefully, thrilled to re-marry a man who was obsessed with her mother. Romance isn’t dead.

Owen followed suit and gave Jackie an engagement ring. When Nicky boy found out about it he blew a gasket, going so far as to push some papers off his desk and let his hair get all messy. He carried on his tiresome rant about Owen using Jackie. READ MORE

Last Week's B&B: Ridge Gets Drugged Up

The week opened with Brooke refusing to side with Ridge. She wouldn’t forbid the gruesome twosome (Steffy and Rick) from seeing each other. Ridge was as reasonable as ever when he yelled, “you should be supporting ME!” Poor Ridgiculous “won’t tolerate” it anymore. The pompous buffoon walked out and made a beeline for Phoebe’s grave. Taylor was hanging out there, most likely thinking about the crummy epitaph on Phoebe’s gravestone: “Our star will shine.” Did they not see her duet with Constantine? "I sucked" would've been a better engraving in memorium of that little twit.   READ MORE