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Will NOSY Taylor Spill Brooke and Bill's UGLY SECRET on The Bold and the Beautiful? (VIDEO)

Boy that Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) sure does chap my hide on The Bold and the Beautiful! Just when my Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) was in the clear—thanks to having mercifully miscarried Dollar Bill's (Don Diamont) little penny saver—here comes the meddling M.D., trying to tell Katie (Heather Tom) the truth! 

Funny, I don't remember St. Taylor, Patron of the Hypocrites, being so quick to wanna divulge to Ridge (Ronn Moss), her deflowering of Dr. Duke Lavery, er, James Warwick (Ian Buchanan) all those years ago! Also, remember when Tay-Tay was porking Rick (then-Kyle Lowder), in between getting drunker than Cooter Brown at a family reunion?

Where were all of her tried and true Pollyanna monologues and speeches about "boundaries", "decency" and what not, when she was being penetrated by Brooke and Eric's (John McCook) son? God, I'm gonna miss that sanctimonious pot stirrer.

If Taylor and Tylo really leave, who the heck am I going to yell at from my couch, while watching this story?! Check out this week's B&B promo after the jump.


Steffy is Looking For Someone to Blame on The Bold and the Beautiful (VIDEO)


The devastating news that she won't be able to have another baby has Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) lashing out today on The Bold and the Beautiful. Meanwhile, Liam (Scott Clifton) is lamenting over his inability to properly grieve his child, because of Steffy's pain.

Across town, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) wants answers from Eric (John McCook) about Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). B&B is finally cooking with grease again. Watch a sneak peek from today's show after the jump!


Dollar Bill is Jealous of Brooke's New (Old) Man on The Bold and the Beautiful! (VIDEO)

Forget about a woman scorned. Hell truly hath no fury like a publishing tycoon who dresses and bejewels himself like an extra in a P. Diddy video!

On today's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) confronts Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) about how fast she's moved on from their relationship. Uh, did Bill forget he's married to Brooke's heart-palpitating, snore-bore of a sister?

Elsewhere in SoCal, Maya (Karla Mosley) is about to go ethnic on somebody and Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) is once again shading Brooke. Jealousy is such an awful, awful thing. Watch the sneak peek of B&B after the jump!


Brooke to Eric on The Bold and the Beautiful: "I Can Give You So Much More" (VIDEO)

What on Earth is Eric Forrester (John McCook) waiting for on The Bold and the Beautiful? Everyone knows he never got over goddess Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) trading him in for his son Ridge (Ronn Moss) all those years ago. You'd think he'd be panting at the sheer opportunity to ditch boring, preachy, sanctimonious Taylor (Hunter Tylo) to once again bask in Logan's liquid warmth.

Sure, Eric kept going back to Stephanie (Susan Flannery), out of some sense of comfort and obligation, but even the late battle axe herself knew only one woman had truly ever gotten a rise out of her husband—or any man in the Forrester family for that matter—and her name is Brooke Logan Forrester.

Watch the sex spider continue to trap her fly after the jump! READ MORE

Can Hope Just Shut Up on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Why is Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) so sure what she’s offering Eric (John McCook) is so much better than the life he has with Taylor (Hunter Tylo)?  I loved how Eric leveled her when he asked how many more lies they're supposed to tell after Brooke’s “story” unfolds. 

According to Brooke, her losses are far worse than any potential suffering anyone could feel. Please, get off your pedestal.  Then, there’s Taylor, playing into Brooke’s hand.  This whole story is ridiculous. It is a prime example of why you don’t stay friends with your ex.  READ MORE

Brooke is Doing a Little Family Planning on The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is starting to depress me. Then again, I’m finding myself rather depressed throughout most of The Bold and the Beautiful lately.  Great scenes for Wood once again, but I’m going to need a little more from B&B and I don’t mean a refill for Prozac 

This stupid idea of Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang), to reunite her family with Eric (John McCook), is so stupid. I just used the word stupid two times in one sentence.  So nice of Bridget (Ashley Jones) to happen to be back in town for that convenient little family get together.  How over-the-top sugary, sweet was that?  “Gee Dad, you and Mom sure looked swell.”