Ilene Kristen

One Life to Live's Ilene Kristen Takes The Stage For My Big Gay Italian Wedding!

One Life to Live’s Ilene Kristen worked the stage on opening night of My Big Gay Italian Wedding on February 4 at the St. Luke’s Theatre in New York City. Kristen’s OLTL co-star Shenell Edmonds and former co-star Tika Sumpter, who is rocking it as Raina on The CW’s Gossip Girl, popped up at the premiere to show their support. Check out more photos from the opening night of My Big Gay Italian Wedding after the jump.


Ilene Kristen to Rock Out With Her Zany Out at L.A.'s Room 5 Lounge on Saturday!

Wes Coast soap lovers are in for a show this Saturday night. One Life to Live's Ilene Kristen (Roxy) will be performing with her band at LA's Room 5 Lounge, located at 143 N. La Brea Avenue. Tickets will be $10 at the door. Show starts at 9 pm PST. For more information click here!



Ilene Kristen Rehearses for Erotic Broadway

During our recent podcast interview with One Life to Live star Ilene Kristen (Roxy) she talked about her upcoming role in Erotic Broadway and now you can check out photos from her rehearsal after the jump. See Kristin in Erotic Broadway on August 18 and on October 9 when she will perform with former OLTL star Kathy Brier (ex- Marcie).

Visit Erotic Broadway for more information and tickets.


DC #565: Ilene Kristen Interview

On today's episode of Daytime Confidential, Luke and Jamey welcome back one of DC's favorite soap scene stealers, Ilene Kristen. The DC boys get to the bottom of why we haven't seen much of Kristen's hilariously-heartfelt character, Roxy Balsom of late on One Life to Live,

Were Roxy and Ilene casualties of ABC's decision to "Kish off" her screen partner Brett Claywell and later Roxy's newfound son Schuyler (Scott Clifton)? Roxy's other son, Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) was recently searching for his biological father and her daughter Natalie (Melissa Archer) is currently dealing with a "Who's The Daddy?" pregnancy predicament, yet Roxy has strangely been missing from those stories. Kristen says she's as confused by that as we are. Luke and Jamey also get the skinny on Kristen being cast in the most anticipated web sudser since Venice, Gregori J. Martin's The Bay, and find out what else the amazingly-talented singer-actress has been up to.

Check out Ilene Kristen in Manhattanites.


Sneak Peek: OLTL Pulls Out All The Stops For Starr X'D Lovers: The Musical!

It's that time of year again. Prom Night is upon the denizens of Llanview, PA, and excitement is bursting over, as one of the most anticipated events in a high schooler's life is set to play out over three, dramatic, explosive, melodic, "Starr X'd" episodes of One Life to Live, beginning this Friday, May 14.

Yours truly was invited to the OLTL studio recently for a preview of Starr X'd Lovers: The Musical, and honies let me tell y'all, the gang over at OLTL has pulled out all the stops to give fans a smash, 3-day event. Several of the soap's major storylines climax during the Glee-esque eppys, including: Langston's (Brittany Underwood) creeping behind Markko's (Jason Tam) back with Ford (David Gregory); Cole (Brandon Buddy) being in the slammer for almost killing Starr's (Kristen Alderson) Pops; a "teenage" Jessica (Bree Williamson) gunning for Cristian (David Fumero), much to the chagrin of Brody (Mark Lawson) and Layla (Tika Sumpter) and Matthew (Eddie Alderson) finally getting the girl, except Danielle's (Kelley Missal) set her sights on another... Welcome to Starr X'd Lovers: The Musical. READ MORE

Ilene Kristen Takes the Stage in Silver to a Trading Agent

One Life to Live's Ilene Kristen took to the stage on February 19 performing Silver To A Trading Agent, by playwright Sharyn Rothstein, at The Ensemble Studio Theatre in New York City. In the play, described as "A funny, fast-paced Wall Street drama about the dirty choices that got us where we are today," Kristen shares the stage with Bill Cwikowski, Lucy DeVito, Richmond Hoxie and Patricia Randell with Steven Boyer. Check out photos from the event and watch an interview with Rothstein about how the play came to be after the jump.