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General Hospital's Maurice Benard Upset Over Drew Garrett's Departure

Upset over Drew Garrett’s (soon to be ex-Michael, General Hospital) firing? You are not alone! Maurice Benard (Sonny) shares in the fan’s displeasure over the young standout’s departure. ABC Soaps In Depth reveals  Benard was shocked to learn that his onscreen son was getting a face change much like Ingo Rademacher and Laura Wright both previously revealed on their respective Twitter accounts. Maurice also tells SID he was not made aware of the change before it happened, but he plans to carry on.

As for the shake-up coming at a time when GH is clearly at a high, with important story for Sonny and Michael, Benard says he’ll have no problem carrying on with the plot. “Sometimes,” he says, “you have to put personal feelings aside.”

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I know everyone wants to know what led to Drew Garrett being let go as Michael. There is TONS of speculation out there. From what I could gather, while it took us all by shock, the recast MAY have been happening behind the scenes for a bit now. This doesn't mean some of his co-stars weren't caught off guard by the news. Ingo Rademacher was tweeting as recent as Friday that he needed to run lines with Drew for upcoming scenes. Laura Wright tweeted Monday that she gave Garrett a big hug and wished him well. Both said they had no idea what led to his being let go from General Hospital.


Ingo Rademacher Marries Fiancé

Ingo Rademacher married fiancé Ehiku in a ceremony in Malibu on October 3, according to Soap Opera Digest. Congratulations to the couple.

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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 07.09.09

Spixie Loving… I’ve been sold on this pairing for a while now even though I thought JoMax was smoking. My hesitation has always been that I just didn’t see TPTB committing to Spixie. Well it SEEMS they are and I couldn’t be happier. Now, we all know that Guza loves to have at least one couple that is angst ridden on this show. This COULD be Spixie. They APPEAR to be on the right track however every road has a few bumps along the way. Spin has a “proposal” for Maxie and she’s just not sure what to do about it. SPOILERS say it’s “that” kind of proposal and The Jackal turns to his master for assistance. It looks like a romantic rooftop scene is set for the big question with Spinelli dropping the ring off the roof.

So many of you have said you’re bored with Rebecca, Ethan, Nikolas and this whole mess. How would you write them out of this terrible storyline? What’s coming up? Ethan’s a jealous lover but he’s also a jilted con who at least wants his piece of the pie. Will Ethan confront Nikolas? Over what? Will Ethan make an adjustment to the plan? READ MORE

Ronnie Marmo Joins General Hospital

Ronnie Marmo has appeared on General Hospital before, as a limo driver for Jasper "Jax" Jacks (Ingo Rademacher). Now the actor has announced on his website that he is once again spending some time in Port Charles.

Ronnie has joined the cast of the ABC daytime drama General Hospital . His first air date is scheduled for July 9.

Marmo is currently working on three films and has appeared on The Young and the Restless and JAG. He's also listed as the creative director of the 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company which also lists General Hospital's Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassaadine) as a member. No word on who Marmo will be playing.