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Behind The Scenes At General Hospital

Another look behind the scenes at General Hospital.

General Hospital: Ingo's Little Bundle has Arrived

Cigars are in order for General Hospital star, Ingo Rademacher (Jax). He and his fiancé Ehiku are the proud parents of a boy. The bouncing baby boy named Peanut Kai Rademacher was born July 11 and comes in at 7 lbs, 6 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long.

Congratulation from your Daytime Confidential fans Ingo!

General Hospital: Ingo Staying Put?

All those RUMORS, is he taking a long vacation or is he taking his leave?  You would have thought Ingo Rademacher (Jasper Jacks) was Kelly Monaco with all the will he stay or will he go talk.  Looks like he's staying put!  According to Soap Opera Digest, Jax is not leaving Port Charles.  Ingo tells the mag that he is still waiting for the birth of his first child and while he was scheduled to take a vacation in August, they have no plans on traveling with a newborn.  He expects to be around through the end of the year. 

What started all the rumblings?  Ingo's contract was RUMORED to be up this summer and with the impending birth of his first child, it was SPECULATED that he would relocate to Hawaii to be with his family.  I would expect a little less Jax when Ingo's child is born.  I would assume the actor will take some time to spend with his family. 

Daytime Confidential #257: It's A Hard Knock Life

On today's ABC episode of Daytime Confidential Karen from joins Luke and Tina to discuss the latest in General Hospital gossip, spoilers, and recaps. What would happen if Lulu is "killed?" Is a Claudia and Ric marriage in the works? Would Ingo Rademacher really leave General Hospital? The latest Vanessa Marcil rumor.

We discuss who Greenlee slept with and whether or not Erica could handle being a grandmother to a Greenlee/Josh child. Speaking of Erica, is it just us or do these criminals have the best hair of any inmates you've seen? Is All My Children rehashing scripts?

One Life to Live is heating up and we're loving it. Tina's returned and she has the best name ever for her pet pooch. Marty is back and rumors abound about possible storylines and we're discussing them. Shouldn't John McBain have bled to death?

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GH's Jax wants Carly to cut her mob ties following death of their child

According to this week's Soap Opera Weekly, on newstands today, General Hospital's Carly  will miscarry the baby she and Jax  wanted so desperately following the aftermath of the warehouse explosion.

Carly will be rescued by none other than nemesis Ric, who finds her floating in the water and rushes her to GH for treatment for hypothermia. At the hospital she reunites with troubled son Michael and learns that he, not one of Sonny's rivals, shot Kate.

Jax finds out she plans to cover up for Michael which causes the two to clash and Jax to storm out. He returns when he learns she is in distress and attempts to reassure her, but the doctor comes in and tells her the baby has died. This prompts Jax to ask Carly to sever all ties to Sonny and Jason. Yeah right, and Spinelli's gonna relocate to a retreat in the wilderness with no wireless Internet capabilities! 

Let the Vanessa Marcil Return Rumors Begin, "Las Vegas" Rumored to be Cancelled (which dubs itself the "Premier" Las Vegas Fansite) is reporting that NBC's "Las Vegas" has been canceled. If true brace yourself for the floodgates to fly open and to see pictures of Vanessa Marcil splashed across every major soap magazine and rumors of her return on every major soap board. The magazine will have a feeding frenzy because let's face it, no one seems to sell magazines like Vanessa Marcil.

Can you imagine? Maurice Bernard, Ingo Rademacher, Sarah Brown, Steve Burton, Kimberly McCullough AND Vanessa Marcil all on at the same time? It would be like déjà vu. If this is true I say the mags will have her on the cover within eight weeks.

If this is true what do you think? Would you be glad to have Vanessa Marcil back?