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Is Katie vs. Steffy on B&B Informed by Nina vs. Victoria All Those Years Ago on Y&R?

Yesterday's scene on The Bold and the Beautiful where Katie (Heather Tom) ho-checked Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) reminded me of a similar scene 15 years ago over on sister soap The Young and the Restless. Back then, Heather Tom played Victoria Newman (the one and only Victoria Newman, in my book!) as she tried to lure her first love Ryan McNeil (Scott Reeves) away from Nina (Tricia Cast).

It's amazing to watch this scene back and realize that it's basically the same scene as the one between Katie and Steffy! Except of course that the writing, directing, music and psychological tension were all so much better back then. It's fascinating to watch Tom play the circling temptress 15 years ago, and the protective wife today. Finally, it's thrilling to remember what it was like when two powerhouse Emmy-winning actresses went at it. They don't make them like this anymore.

Watch the classic scene from 1996 after the jump!

B&B's Brad Bell: "Sometimes When You Play With Fire, You Get Burned"

Aww sookie, sookie now! The Bold and the Beautiful's head writer/showrunner Brad Bell spilled the tea to TV Guide's  Michael Logan about Thomas' (Adam Gregory) attempts at pursuing Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and if it will make a comeback.

We are not backing off from the possibility of a Thomas-Brooke romance. This is a slow burn and we will continue to walk the tightrope with those two. Will we go there? Will it happen? We're going to be flirting with that for awhile. Sometimes when you play with fire you get burned.

Uh oh...  Seems like Thomas will get burned according to Logan, Ridge (Ronn Moss) discovers his son stole a kiss from his wife! The chiseled one won't take this lying down. March 7 is must see for B&B!

To find out what Bell has to say about Thomas being gay, click here! READ MORE

Is The Bold and the Beautiful Talking Around Race With Thomas and Dayzee?

Race and racism are issues we still don’t talk about openly. It makes people uncomfortable, so we end up ignoring or talking around it. The controversy last year over whether or not racist language should be redacted from Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn perfectly illustrated this. Rather than dealing with our complicated, racist past, some people decided to erase references to that past. But erasing will not change the fact that it happened, nor will it solve anything in the present.

On The Bold and the Beautiful, race rarely came into play until Eric's (John McCook) wife Donna (Jennifer Gareis) was reunited with the child she had given up for adoption as a teenager. It turned out her son Marcus (Texas Battle) was the product of a biracial union and he simply looked black. When he first appeared, Donna was conflicted about telling Eric and worried that it might end their marriage…only her reaction had nothing to do with race. Or so the show would have us believe.


Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Books Next Final Destination Flick; Takes Break From 'Bold'

Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and her family will have one less pitch fork wielder to contend with on The Bold and the Beautiful—for awhile at least. Soap Opera Digest is reporting Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) is temporarily leaving the sudser to film a role in the next Final Destination film (They're still making those?). MacInnes Wood pre-taped her scenes and is set to return to B&B in December. I never thought I'd ever say this, but I am glad she's coming back. B&B just wouldn't be the same without MacInnes Wood's campy, junior Joan Crawford meets Joan Collins take on Ridge (Ron Moss) and Taylor's (Hunter Tylo) bitchtastic daughter. Phoebe, I can feeeeeel you!!!

B&B Up For Another Golden Nymph Award

The Golden Nymph Award isn't what you think. Otherwise, several characters on The Bold and the Beautiful would be marathon winners. According to the Canyon News, B&B has garnered its fifth consecutive nomination in the Telenovela/Soap Opera category for The Monte Carlo Television Festival's International TV Audience Award. The recognition goes to programs that have the highest number of viewers over a worldwide audience covering five continents.

B&B has been the recipient of the award for the last four years, confirming that in its genre, with an estimated 35 million daily viewers, it remains the most watched series in the world.

B&B's head writer Bradley Bell, along with stars John McCook, Brandon Beemer and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood will be in attendance for the festivities as guests of H.S.H. Prince Albert II. The winners will be awarded on June 10.

The Bold and the Beautiful Cast Celebrates 23 Years (Photos)

In addition to releasing a hilarious spoof video, The Bold and the Beautiful's cast, including Brandon Beemer, Katherine Kelly Lang, Lee Phillip Bell, John McCook, Bradley Bell, Ronn Moss, Susan Flannery and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (pictured above) celebrated the show's 23rd anniversary on March 23. Check out more photos of the B&B cast's celebration after the jump. READ MORE