James Franco

Could James Franco be Your Teacher?

Don’t we all wish we could walk into class the first day and have James Franco staring back at us? Next year, this dream could become a reality for students at Yale University.

According to Good Morning America, the General Hospital guest star  will be heading to Yale this fall to earn his doctorate in English and film studies. Come January, the actor will be teaching his own “very special class.”

How much do you wanna to bet Professor Franco's class will have something to do with freaky performance art?

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Franco is The Talk of The Town

James Franco's pseudo-hipster pretentiousness art project–including his gigs on General Hospital–made the Talk of the Town section of this week's New Yorker Magazine. Among the titbits:

Several hours before taping began, Franco, in a neatly pressed tuxedo, with slicked-back hair, a dull pancake-makeup glow, and a glaze of coffee on his teeth, sat in a director’s chair, trying to explain. Asked about the layers of performance, he said, “It’s kind of hard to tease ’em all out.” He took a sip of coffee, and said it all began with “Erased James Franco,” a conceptual film piece he’d made, two years ago, with an artist called Carter, in which Franco had re-created performances from his feature films. He and Carter talked about making another movie, in which he would play a character who is an actor on a soap opera. “I said, ‘What if I really did that? Wouldn’t that be interesting?’ ” Franco said. “My manager represents Steve Burton”—the Mafia hit man on “General Hospital”—“and we called them and said I’d like to be on the show. They were very happy. They said, ‘You can do anything—what kind of part would you like to play?’ I wanted their full treatment, so all I said was that I wanted to be an artist and I wanted my character to be crazy.” He took another swig of coffee and shifted about elegantly in his chair. “They asked if they could call the character Franco—that was their idea. It was a beautiful idea.”


James Franco Reveals What's In Store For GH's Jason Morgan

Silver screen star James Franco dished with Zap2it.com about what his psychotic alter ego Franco has in the works for General Hospital's Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). The actor said:
Now Franco is back and he's out for revenge, and he's also planning a huge art show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in L.A., where we actually shot. This art show involves sculptures Franco made that are based on the locations where he lived and interacted with Jason, and he plans to murder Jason at MOCA and film it as art.

Franco makes his way back to Port Charles today and reunites with fomer art subject Maxie (Kristen Storms). To get a little taste of today's episode watch after the jump.


James Franco Talks About Return To General Hospital

Film star James Franco talks to SOAPnet.com about his return to General Hospital,  how the idea for the museum location shoot came about, his mother, Betsy Franco, making her television debut and memorizing lines.


James Franco to Appear on The View

James Franco is set to make his debut on The View this Wednesday June 30th, according to SOAPnet. It shouldn’t surprise fans that’s the day he returns to General Hospital as Jason's (Steve Burton) nemesis Franco.

James Franco Reveals Why Franco Can't Get Enough of GH's Jason Morgan

TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan chatted with James Franco on what is up with his alter ego's bromance with General Hospital's Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).

TV Guide Magazine: Let's talk about your character. What drives Franco? What's his obsession with Jason really all about?

Franco: Franco is an artist who works with death. He works in a lot of different ways. He does graffiti, performances, photographs. He creates installations based on murder scenes featuring murders he possibly was involved with. He's interested in pushing the boundaries of art — both aesthetically and ethically — and he will go way too far. There are a lot of artists working today who go too far.

After a interesting conversation on how far an artist will go for their work, the actor finally gives an insight as to why his character is obsessed with Jason.