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Franco Stanko: Why I Pray The "Special Guest Soap Star" Craze Comes to an End Soon


Well, we all knew it was coming around again. Like death, taxes and poor Lindsay Lohan's most recent failed attempt at living by the guidelines Miss Emily Post provided on how on how a lady should conduct herself in a seemly and courageous manner. General Hospital is once again throwing all of it's eggs up into the air as the cast and crew scrambles to facilitate the latest brain fart ridonkulousness of one James Franco. Sigh.

Franco's Kinky, Love Affair With Jason Morgan on GH Set to Resume June 30

Somebody better warn Middle America. The gayest romance in soap history is set to resume on June 30. That's when James Franco reprises the role of Franco opposite Steve Burton's Jason on General Hospital, according to SOAPnet. In other news, I will be starring in the next Spider Man movie as dastardly villain Giddens (just one name), who has a penchant for Adam Lambert music and painting my victims with magic markers after I've finished with them.  Sigh. When is Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) coming back??? 

James Franco Set to Return to GH This Summer

The mysterious and obviously troubled artist Franco, as portrayed by film star James Franco, is returning to General Hospital this summer. In an interview with USA Today, Franco discusses about his post-graduate studies and acting feats; some of which are not considered the industry norm.

For Franco, who returns to General Hospital this summer, it's all a study in storytelling. "Soap operas, yeah, generally people think that's something to avoid, that's a 'low level' of entertainment," he says. "But if you look at a lot of movies that are released in theaters, they're just the same as soap operas."

Are fans looking forward to Franco's return? While the casting was a huge score for GH, the story was lacking in many a fan's opinion.

General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

This episode was a bit of a letdown after the past two. I know we can't have verbal smackdowns every day, but everything's been so good, that when a regular episode shows up, it's a little ho hum.

I loved the Johnny and Carly scene. It was very sweet and I like Carly when she's in that nice mode. I also think Johnny should smile more often since it just lights up his face. I just wish he had a better story (or any story).

I loved the Olivia and Carly scene because it really is great, soapy foreshadowing. The two of them making up for Olivia's lie, just as her biggest lie yet is about to hit the fan. That is going to be ugly when it breaks and I want front row seats. READ MORE

James Franco Returns to Star In and Co-Direct GH Special Episode

James Franco
recently spoke with New York Magazine where he revealed he will reprise the role of Franco on General Hospital in the spring. Franco also spilled  he will be co-directing the special episode of the soap. Below is a snippet of Franco speaking about his return. Be sure to check out the full article.

Franco alluded to this addendum to his GH guest stint in a Wall Street Journal editorial published in early December. "After all of the Franco episodes are aired, my character's storyline will be advanced in a special episode filmed in a 'legitimate' New York gallery," Franco wrote. "One more layer will be added to this already layer-heavy experiment. If all goes according to plan, it will definitely be weird. But is it art?"

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The Final Showdown on GH

James Franco's stint on General Hospital is nearing its end, which means the final showdown between Jason (Steve Burton) and Franco is upon us. Poor Lulu (Julie Marie Berman), she never catches a break does she? Watch the promo after the jump! READ MORE