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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 06.18.09

If it’s murder… Who killed Brianna Hughes? Would they really bring Martha Byrne onboard and make her a murderer? Will there be suspicion thrown Alexis’s way? I liked Byrne’s introduction and especially liked her comment to Patrick about not knowing that she was the Mayor’s wife. My first thought was, hmmm, we all should know the Mayor’s wife especially if the Mayor and his wife are central the storyline.

Despite being a big brat lately… Kristina has tried to be the perfect child to impress her mother. What’s the straight A student going to do when she learns her mother ain’t perfect? Hey Kristina haven’t you ever heard of ‘do as I say, not as I do?’ Will Kristina’s disappointment in her mom send her in her nonexistent father’s direction? When Kristina first hit the canvas the story SEEMED to be going in the direction of ‘poor me, daddy pays me no attention.’ Now that it’s Alexis letting her daughter down, will Kristina expect daddy to pick up the slack? I have to say, if you’re going to give Sonny all these kids, he really should be more of a father to them. Who am I kidding… Nikolas hasn’t even seen his son in the last six months, Jason abandoned his in the name of safety; in comparison Sonny is father of the year. God help us. READ MORE

General Hospital's Spixie and M&M (Photos)

General Hospital may have eased off trying to recreate the magic of Kirsten Storms and Jason Cook as Shelle on Days of Our Lives, but that doesn't mean they won't tease former Shelle fans. I've always enjoyed the Spixie dynamic. I think Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storms have amazing chemistry and I hope that, eventually, they end up together. However, as a Days of Our Lives viewer, who watched Shelle, I have to say it is nice to see them share scenes together from time to time. Especially when it means watching Maxie throw a drink in Matt's face.    READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 06.03.09

Alexis… Is an affair with the Mayor being aired, publicly? Some SAY Kristina MAY be the one to burst her mother’s bubble but where is this all coming from? The Mayor’s mistress storyline. I’ve been telling you about Matt’s story that involves the mistress. She’s the patient that dies on Dr. Hunter and Diane learns the family is planning on suing Matt for malpractice. Why Diane? Isn’t she a mob attorney? What does she have to do with a malpractice suit brought against a doc? Remember the days when GH had their own Counsel? Diane is SAID to fill in her BFF Alexis who looks into the case but the Mayor wants his DA to back off or else. Or else what Mayor Floyd? He threatens to go public with their affair. Hmmmm…. He wants Alexis to not dig in too deep into his mistress and her untimely death but he’s willing to out their previous romp? Never one to be threatened Alexis is prepared to call the Mayor on his threat but Kristina “the wild child” Corinthos needs less drama and a mama out of the tabloids. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 06.01.09

Happy Monday, Happy June!

More newbies? Dominic is hitting PC and RUMORS have someone from Kate’s past popping in as well. But will it stop there? Is Sam getting a visit from an old flame once again? Is Claudia his only Port Chuckles connection? One RUMOR says while Claudia brings him to town (Sarah Brown revealed she starts filming with him today). Don’t forget that Kristina is mentioned as well. Is someone named Chris hitting town? Is he Sam’s blast from the past?

Carly/Claudia… No matter what the character name, both ladies like to plot and plan and their schemes usually end all the same, in a big old mess. Claudia brings Dominic to town but his arrival MAY wreck a little havoc on a few PC residents.

If you caught the promo You saw the fall down the steps for the dueling mothers to be. Will either lose their baby? READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.22.09

Michael, Michael, Michael… what are they doing to you? I’ve been saying all week, so far so good in terms of Drew Garrett but that writing… geez! Does he have to be such a brat right out of the gate? Do we need so many ill conceived plot points while he’s still strapped to that hospital bed? We get it, you have a traumatic brain injury and you’re an angry little boy and I could ALMOST understand it if Carly was being her typical overbearing self but in my opinion, she’s really not. I just don’t understand what exactly these writers are thinking when they concoct this stories. When you wrote Robin’s postpartum most fans wanted to smack Robin when we should have been sympathizing with her. Now, here we are once again in a storyline where we SHOULD be rooting for the patient and all I want to do is smack him across the face. Sonny’s ok even after telling him it was his fault Michael got shot but Carly is enemy numero uno? What I do actually like is the Lulu connection. At first I too was scratching my head over Michael waking up to his cousin but I’m not minding Lulu these days and have actually enjoyed her scenes with Michael. Question though, are tacos really the best idea? A year on a liquid diet and she brings him Mexican? How about some soup from Kelly’s instead? READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.14.09

What’s a mom to do when her little man doesn’t want to live with her? What should she do when he rather move in with the father who has no paternal rights to him and a step-mother who is responsible for the boy’s one year coma? What’s a mom to do when the same son rather hang with his evil step-mother over his own mommy? What does Carly always do? She comes up with a plan and her plan is to move in with Sonny and company at Greystone. That can’t be good for her marriage.

Claudia is the Queen of botched hits. Sonny’s resulted in Michael getting shot, she couldn’t find anyone to kill her crazy daddy, got cold feet when she drugged Ric and the latest attempt on Jerry’s life was a big old mess. Remember her hired gun Fredo? The one who screwed up the car bomb? Well Claudia should know there is only one hitman in town and he finds Fredo who sings like a canary. READ MORE