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Jerry Ver Dorn Bumped to Recurring at OLTL?; Should Ross Return for Blake on GL?

We're hearing rumblings that Jerry Ver Dorn has been taken off contract at One Life to Live.  We can't say this surprises us. We've been hearing for months that a Bo and Nora redux is a "done deal"—thank you Soap Gods— and Viki already has Charlie. It's too bad OLTL decided to bust up Clint and Dorian, since Robin Strasser and Ver Dorn had amazing chemistry. I would much rather watch a full-on Clint/Dorian/Cruz Castillo, er Ray Montez love triangle than see Ver Dorn and Hillary B. Smith put me to sleep in their scenes. But to be completely honest, what I really want to see is Ver Dorn reprise his role as Ross Marler on Guiding Light. Now I don't know how smart it would actually be to give up a recurring gig at a soap that is on steadier footing to return to the role you made famous, but a boy can Wishfully Cast, can't he?

If, and I say if, what TV Week is reporting is true, and GL's writers may soon be needing to wrap up storylines, I would like nothing better than for it to be revealed that Edmund or Alan was holding Ross hostage in some foreign prison. Dinah (Gina Tognoni) and Phillip (Grant Aleksander) team up to rescue him, with Beth (Beth Chamberlin) and Shayne (Jeff Branson) along for the ride, with tons of romance and adventure along the way. They don't tell Blake (Liz Kiefer) what they're doing, because they don't want to get her hopes up.

Imagine, the ferocity of emotion the brazilliant Tognoni would display as Dinah discovers a beaten and broken Ross is indeed still alive. Just think of the scenes where they spirit him back to Springfield on the Spaulding Jet, where he then reunites with his beloved Blake and their kids.

GL could then bring back Fletcher (Jay Hammer), Ed (Peter Simon) and Holly (Maureen Garrett) to celebrate in Ross's return and a double wedding for Bill and Lizzie and Phillip and Beth. Okay, enough fan fic. What do you think, should Ver Dorn be happy to stick it out on recurring on a surer bet like OLTL, or return to help salvage and/or wrap up Guiding Light?

Criminal Minds: Ironic Advertising or Subliminal Message?

When I saw this promotion for CBS’s Criminal Minds during Guiding Light I couldn’t help but chuckle. It made me think of Jeff Branson's All My Children character Jonathon Lavery. It’s really too bad Criminal Minds doesn’t air on ABC. We would get tons of mileage out of such a promo.

Dinah and Mallet Still Have "It"

Yesterday's Guiding Light was bittersweet for me because it reminded me of what once was. There are two primary reasons I got hooked on Guiding Light, Lizzie and the chemistry of Dinah and Mallet. Unfortunately, Dinah and Mallet imploded. Since Jeff Branson's arrival as Shayne Lewis, and his amazing chemistry with Dinah, I had all but forgotten about the one-time connection between Dinah and Mallet, until yesterday. Seeing them bond over the baby I couldn't help but think that Gina Tognoni and Robert Bogue still have it.

Guiding Light has made drastic improvements since February and I sincerely hope that the show decides to amp up the Dinah/Mallet/Marina/Shayne quad. There is oh so much potential there. More pictures after the jump. READ MORE

AMC's Walt Willey "Paid The Price" For Speaking Out During McTavish's Head Writing Reign of Terror!

It looks like Cady McClain (ex-Dixie) wasn't the only All My Children star who caught hell for daring to speak out against She Who Wielded The Poisoned Laptop.  Popular Pine Valley leading man Walt Willey (Jack) revealed during a joint interview between AMC Superposter and Willey's Official My Space profile, that he too "paid the price" for speaking out about former AMC head writer Megan McTavish's decision to pair Jack's Autistic daughter Lily (Leven Rambin) with tumor-less, homicidal maniac Jonathan (Jeff Branson). READ MORE

Top 10 Reasons To Watch Guiding Light Right Now

Funny how the universe sometimes lines up and minds think alike, isn't it? Guiding Light is in the thoughts of a lot of people these days. Bloggers, soap journalists and industry watchers — not to mention the writers, cast and crew of GL — are all on pins and needles about this 72 year old institution. The writing has been on the wall among commentators on the Internet and in the soap press for some time regarding GL's maybe/probably/likely cancellation, which would essentially signal the final march along daytime's trail of tears as the end of the genre.

The signs are obvious and ominous: GL has been hovering at a 1.5 rating for the last few months, a situation exacerbated by a genre-crushing free fall in advertising revenues, which have in turn led to massive budget cuts by the networks for all the shows. If GL doesn't get its act together by the Ides of April, as our own Jamey Giddens so aptly put it, the oldest series on broadcast television will bite the dust. However, there is hope. As has been reported here, Guiding Light needs the minimum of a steady 1.8 rating to avoid getting the ax.

Back to minds thinking alike: Just as I was finalizing this list, Mr. Giddens posted his "Top 10 Last Ditch Stunts To Save Guiding Light," followed by Spauldingfield's awesome GL promo posted by Luke Kerr. Because of their excellent efforts I almost decided to not post these recommendations, but the situtation at Guiding Light is so important to those of us who love the show that I felt it was more important to contribute to the call to keep GL on the air and risk repetition than not do so. Therefore, consider these considerations an addition to their efforts. GL needs viewers not tomorrow, but today and here are ten reasons to tune in right now! READ MORE