INTERVIEW: One Life to Live's Josh Kelly on Reprising Cutter, Trusting Prospect Park, JWoww and Movie Deals


Don't mistake Josh Kelly for just another pretty face — though that face is awfully pretty! This talented actor has game, which is why he experienced no hesitation in signing on board for Prospect Park's second attempt to reboot One Life to Live.

Starting April 29 on Hulu, Hulu Plus, iTunes and FX Canada, Kelly will once again be on our screens as fictional Llanview, PA.'s resident bad boy Cutter Wentworth. I caught up with the actor at a recent OLTL set visit.

Kelly served up the Long Island iced tea on Cutter's involvement with Nikki, a bartender at the new Llanview hot spot Shelter. Did I mention she's played by none other than Jersey Shore's JWoww? He also offered up the skinny cocktail on how a movie project he's attached to led to his initial involvement with Prospect Park.

Daytime Confidential: How excited are you to be back at One Life to Live?

Josh Kelly: Really excited.

DC: Were you apprehensive signing back on for the show, given what happened the last time it attempted to resume production?

JK: No. I trust Prospect Park. I really like the company. I'm really glad to be working for this company. DC: is the pace the same with online as it is with broadcast TV?

JK: The pace is about the same. I think its a little easier, actually, because its a half-hour show. It's really less that you have to do. I think it will be more palatable for the audience to have a half-hour show, as opposed to an hour everyday.

DC: What was the ultimate deciding factor that convinced you to step back into the role of Cutter?

JK: I missed the show. I missed the people on the show. I didn't like any of the the pilots I read for this year and I really like being part of the [OLTL] cast; especially in the way that it's been working. They're really encouraging creativity from us. I think it's an opportunity to do smoothing new and cool.


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