Jennifer Gareis

Should Katie Take Her Baby and Run From Bill on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Donna (Jennifer Gareis) revealed to Bill (Don Diamont) and Katie (Heather Tom) that she’d seen Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) getting it on. An angry Katie threatened to protect her newborn from Bill's manipulations. Will Kate make good on that threat? READ MORE

Did Liam and Steffy Have ACTUAL SEX on The Bold and the Beautiful?!

My Daytime Confidential podcast co-hosts and I have long been complaining about the lack of sex on The Bold and the The Beautiful. The once incredibly sexy soap became one big, 30-minute, daily heavy petting session the moment the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle took center stage.

 I think all of that changed on Wednesday's episode. I say "think", because after repeated rewinding, I’m still trying to determine whether Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) actually had sex.


Will Honey Boo Boo Donna Expose Dollar Bill on Bold and Beautiful?

Katie (Heather Tom) doesn’t know how to get past what Bill (Don Diamont) did to Hope (Kim Matula) and Liam (Scott Clifton). Donna (Jennifer Gareis) arrived overloaded with gifts and interrupted their discussion.  When she left the room, Bill and Katie’s discussion continued. Unfortunately for Bill, Donna returned and overheard their debate. She demanded to know what was going on. When Katie revealed how Bill had manipulated Liam and Hope’s Italian wedding, Donna got angry and said that the two deserve to know what he’d done. READ MORE

Katie to Bill on Bold and Beautiful: "I Know Our Son Needed a Mother, And That's Why I Didn't Die"

Now that summer's over, Brad Bell is finally giving grown-ups something to look forward to on The Bold and the Beautiful. The mini-storyline involving the near tragic birth of Katie and Bill's baby is providing great material for Heather Tom and Don Diamont. Of course those spouse-swapping kiddos—Liam (Scott Clifton), Hope (Kimberly Matula) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)—are still playing an endless game of share-and-share-alike. Watch a teaser for today's B&B below!

Soap Beauties Get Their Paint on For Habitat for Humanity

The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless stars, including Eileen Davidson and Michelle Stafford (pictured above) rolled up their sleeves to help the Women Empowerment Build for Habitat for Humanity project in San Fernando, California on May 14.  See more photos from the Habitat for Humanity event after the jump! READ MORE

Is The Bold and the Beautiful Talking Around Race With Thomas and Dayzee?

Race and racism are issues we still don’t talk about openly. It makes people uncomfortable, so we end up ignoring or talking around it. The controversy last year over whether or not racist language should be redacted from Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn perfectly illustrated this. Rather than dealing with our complicated, racist past, some people decided to erase references to that past. But erasing will not change the fact that it happened, nor will it solve anything in the present.

On The Bold and the Beautiful, race rarely came into play until Eric's (John McCook) wife Donna (Jennifer Gareis) was reunited with the child she had given up for adoption as a teenager. It turned out her son Marcus (Texas Battle) was the product of a biracial union and he simply looked black. When he first appeared, Donna was conflicted about telling Eric and worried that it might end their marriage…only her reaction had nothing to do with race. Or so the show would have us believe.