Jennifer Gareis

B&B: "Are You Trying to Seduce Me, Mrs. Forrester?"

Donna tries to show Katie that "Dollar" Bill is not all who he's cracked up to be.

B&B's Gareis and Battle Show Muscle Power

In her latest video blog installment, Jennifer Gareis talks fitness with her costar Texas Battle. The onscreen mother/ son duo then decide to flex pecks for viewer enjoyment. Meanwhile, why in high heaven did that makeup artist have to chew gum like she's eating steak!!?

Royal Photoshoot On B&B

Jennifer Gareis
relinquishes her video blogger role to Texas Battle as she and her onscreen sisters on The Bold and the Beautiful prepare for a photo shoot. At the 1:20 mark did John McCook (Eric) hoe check Battle? READ MORE

Last Week's B&B: "I Now Pronounce You Man And... HORSE!"

The Tridge tots, AKA Thomas and Steffy, continued trying to keep Brooke away from their Ridge. They had all Brooke’s messages to Ridge forwarded to Steffy’s phone. When Stephanie found out she was thrilled that her grandkids were such schemers and told them to keep it secret. READ MORE

B&B: Gareis And Tom Spill Fitness Secrets

The Bold and the Beautiful's  Jennifer Gareis (Donna) is back with her video blog. This time she's talking fitness tips with co-star Heather Tom (Katie). Tom likes to run eh? Maybe she can trot over to her old stomping grounds next door for a role reversal? Kid, I kid...


The Bold and the Beautiful: Casting News (Updated)

Look for more Daniel McVicar (Clarke) on The Bold and the Beautiful. The actor reprises his role on July 27 and 28. D.C. Douglas has been cast as a minister on the show appearing on July 30 and Aug. 3. Fans may know Douglas Dr. Whittman, who treated Massimo (Joseph Mascolo) on B&B, Dr. Kirkwood from Passions and Chad Atherton on The Young and the Restless. Steve Blalock guest stars on the show as a biker, the actor also moonlights as Ronn Moss's (Ridge) stunt double. READ MORE