Jennifer Gareis

Caption This: Honey Bear's Hoochie Mama

It's becoming a cliche on The Bold and the Beautiful: Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) half-naked, clutching her honey. This time she was swinging from an office door. Take your best shot and caption this.

Don Diamont's Bill Spencer Jr. "Likely Paired" With Donna

Can I call it, or can I call it? I tried to tell all of y'all who got happy thinking the arrival of Don Diamont (ex-Brad, The Young and the Restless) to The Bold and the Beautiful's canvas might actually mean Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), Hunter Tylo (Taylor) or Lesli Kay (Felicia) would get a decent leading man that Diamont would no doubt be pawned off on one of the soap's less-than-leading ladies. I predicted Diamont's Bill Spencer Jr. would be destined for one of the two younger Logan sisters, and guess where Diamont tells TV Guide's Michael Logan, Bill is heading first? Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis)! 

But back to B&B. Diamont says Bill will likely be paired with curvy bubblehead Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis). However, this near-incestuous soap really needs new male blood, so look for him to spread his sexual charms widely."


Will Ridge Ever Pull Up Nick's Undercrackers?

Yesterday on The Bold and the Beautiful, Stephanie walked in on Brooke in her underwear. Again. Now, I’m not disputing that scenes like these can be campy fun once in a while, but the B&B writers seem to have a bit of an unhealthy obsession.

Both Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and Susan Flannery (Stephanie) are fantastic actors and have a lot more to offer than these sub-Benny Hill shenanigans. Time and again they are thrown into these nudge, nudge, wink, wink situations, and when Katherine Kelly Lang does get a chance to stretch her acting muscles (e.g. the rape storyline), it seems the ball gets dropped and there’s no follow-through. The fallout from Storm’s suicide was great drama, but that was eons ago. Within the last few months, Brooke has found herself in the following scenarios: READ MORE

Who Stole the Forrester Designs on B&B?

With Nick receiving anonymous emails detailing Forrester Creations' newest line, the search is on for the culprit. Which Forrester employee is backstabbing Eric?

Thorne was shown throwing his toys out of the pram because Eric continued to reward Ridge and Rick with the plum jobs, whilst he was stuck in shipping and receiving. Did he decide to stick it to daddy dearest, and didn't he pull a similar stunt before by stealing designs for Spectra?

Stephanie let rip on Eric's infatuation with the Logan women: “You’ve let those girls wiggle into this family, this company and into your pants." She was later seen fraternising with the enemy, i.e. Jackie Marone, over cocktails. Could the old battleaxe be the culprit?

Katie discovered her husband’s financial woes and she had easy access to FC's latest designs. We've already seen her integrity questioned when she got knocked up by her niece's fiance; but would she risk jail time to keep Nick afloat?

Then there's Owen, Donna, Rick, Felicia, even Brooke and Ridge. Who's the guilty party? Who is it in the rubber gloves?

Caption This: Clasp On, Clasp Off

Even if Daytime Confidential's Mike thinks The Bold and the Beautiful is the worst soap, you still gotta love just how far they will push things. What other show would use such blatant ploys as Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) thinking it was Ridge (Ronn Moss) coming into the room, asking him to snap her up and afterwards is shocked to discover that it was Stephanie (Susan Flannery) who snapped her up? It brings back memories of Donna (Jennifer Gareis) feeling up Stephanie in bed because she thinks it's Eric (John McCook). What is it with these Logan women and Stephanie? Take your best Caption This shot.