Jerry Douglas

Jerry Douglas Heads Back to The Young and The Restless!

Great news, The Young and the Restless fans. Jerry Douglas (John) announced on Facebook  he is set to make a couple of upcoming appearances! Douglas posted:

Jerry Douglas Returns to The Young and The Restless

The Young and the Restless fan favorite Jerry Douglas is coming back to Genoa City. Douglas announced on his Facebook fan page that he will reprise his role as the ghostly Abbott patriarch. Douglas posted:

Billy's Glimpse Into The Future, Y&R Style

The Almighty isn't too thrilled with Billy's antics, so John decides to help his youngest offspring out. READ MORE

The Life, Times and Death (?) of Y&R's Phillip Chancellor III

WIth the red hot CBS soap The Young and the Restless making waves by bringing back the wildly popular Thom Bierdz, some newer or casual Y&R viewers are probably wondering what the significance is of having the actor who played the original adult Phillip Chancellor III back on the canvas. One DC regular Blackjack21 emailed us with a request for Phillip's backstory. Since I was only a mere, randy thought in my teenage parents minds when they storyline began back in the 70's, I had to break out the trusty Y&R Anniversary Scrapbook, as well as pay a visit to online soap opera encyclopedia Soap Central to make sure I hit all the high notes. READ MORE

The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Happy Thursday people! Some interesting developments are headed to The Young and the Restless.

Like we've been saying all along, Sharon is knocked up and doesn't know who her baby daddy is! After she takes a pregnancy test due to feeling the symptoms of being with child, Sharon finds out she's knocked up. At first she's in shock and knows since her life is so screwed up she's in no position to have a baby. The irony of Sharon's situation is that she was judging Phyllis a few years ago when she became knocked up with Summer and didn't know who the father was and now Sharon has taken her place. Sharon heads to the GCAC to contemplate her current situation when she sees an unkempt Jack coming down the stairs and, puts the pieces together and realizes that Jack slept with another woman.The other woman is Mary Jane. In a funk, Sharon tells her mom about her pregnancy and she also has to break down and tell her that its between three men. Sharon's mom Doris has no clue about the trysts with Billy and her mom is not too happy about this revelation. READ MORE