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Young and Restless Head Writer Josh Griffith "Adores" Jess Walton and Jill Abbott!

Could brazen bad girl Jill Foster Abbott, and her phenomenal portrayer Jess Walton, be on their way back to Genoa City? It's looking more and more like it. The Young and the Restless' new executive producer Jill Farren Phelps—whom Entertainment Weekly occasionally confuses with the aforementioned fictional Jill—talked about Walton's potential return recently in TV Guide.

It seems JFP isn't the only one up for a JFA reprisal. In the Sept. 10 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth, head writer Josh Griffith had this to say about the actress and her iconic character:

"I adore Jess, and I've always thought that Jill was an integral character to the show." 

Jess Walton Takes Sabbatical From The Young and The Restless

Bad news for Jill Abbott fans! Veteran soap actress Jess Walton is taking a six-month leave of absence from The Young and the Restless. The news was originally broken by Nelson Branco on Twitter.

According to Soap Opera Digest,  Walton will be exiting the show to spend more time her son and daughter-in-law, who are expecting a baby. Walton's publicist Charles Sherman stated:

The reason she is taking a break is because her son and his wife and are expecting a baby and Jess wants to be around for the birth of her first grandchild," states her publicist. There are a lot of false rumors going around that she is gone for good but Jess is absolutely coming back. She talked it out with Maria Bell and Maria is fine with this arrangement. Jess's last day of working on the set is on April 3 but she will be back. READ MORE

Jess Walton Staying "Young and Restless"


Fab news for The Young and the Restless fans, and no I'm not talking about Daisy (Yvonne Zima) finally biting it. Jess Walton announced on Facebook she has re-inked a new contract with the sudser. According to the actress:
I am indeed renewing my contract at Y and R. The show has been very accommodating to me during this move to Oregon and I love them for it!

Jill-ted Lover: Has Jill Met Her Match In Colin on Y&R?

Jill Foster Abbott (cough, cough) Fenmore’s (Jess Walton) Jimmy Choos must have crossed paths with a black cat, because she can’t find a good man to bless her somewhat shriveled heart. When powerhouse actor Tristan Rogers hit The Young and the Restless canvas as Colin and started a scorching flirtation with our favorite beeyotch, this fan’s soul got a little happy. Now that Colin’s been revealed as Cane’s (Daniel Goddard) cattle-rustling Daddy from Down Under, Katherine (Jeanne Cooper), as well as Y&R viewers, are afraid Jill will be taken for yet another ride on the no-good man mobile.  (Editor's Note: It could be karma for having boinked poor, drunk Kay's husband and/or sleeping with Jack while she was married to his Daddy!)

If you need a refresher course in this tough-as-nails diva’s romantic blunders, let’s recount. In the 2000s, Jill reveled in a whirlwind engagement to charming businessman Elliott Hampton, but that fell to pieces when he divulged his plan to rob Kay’s corporation blind. Nice guy William Bardwell (Ted Shackleford) seemed like the suitor to melt Jill’s icy façade, until Gloria (Judith Chapman) snatched him right from under her nose. She became a cougar, setting our screens ablaze in sexy boardroom scenes with Ji Min Kim. Sadly, he was murdered by David Chow. I feel like the writers really missed the bus by hooking her up with mean mogul Tucker McCall (Stephen Nichols), only to have him dump her unceremoniously and for no good reason.

I, for one, hope that Maria Arena Bell and Co. keep Colin in Genoa City and surprise us all by making him a dream lover for Jill. She is a multidimensional character with a lot of fire, and a great capacity to be soft and vulnerable. Goodness knows she’s been through the ringer. Can Jill find love with Colin, or will her newest dalliance lead to heartbreak?

Yes, Colin is genuinely falling for Jill!
45% (107 votes)
Nope! Colin is just pulling the okie-doke.
55% (130 votes)
Total votes: 237

Three Things to be Young and Restless About Right Now!

We soap lovers can be as scathing as the most hardcore sports fan when it seems our favorite daytime players are asleep on the bench or the writing team is making bad plays. Though I find myself cursing at my TV for some of the recent shenanigans on The Young and the Restless, it’s a reason why I still tune in, and the good must be acknowledged. Giving props where they are due, I want to speak on three things that I’m loving right now about Y&R.


You Decide: Should Lauren Get to Know Jill as a Sister?

Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) didn’t have to shell out for pyrotechnics this Fourth of July, because the fireworks were in full effect courtesy of the ever-embattled Jill (Jess Walton) and spitfire Lauren (Tracey Bregman). Last week on The Young and the Restless, the sirens discovered that they had far more in common than their business acumen and love of powerful men, as a DNA test confirmed that they are half-sisters.

While Jill embraced the idea of having a biological sibling and wanted to bond immediately, Lauren did not reciprocate the warm and fuzzy feelings. The redhead told Jill in no uncertain terms that she intended to keep her father’s memory, and only child status, firmly in tact and had no interest in a close relationship. Jill, who has always craved a sense of belonging, responded to Lauren’s rejection by legally taking the Fenmore name and investigating her rights to the family fortune. Given Jill’s reputation, and considering that Lauren used to be quite the mean girl back in the gap, both have good reason for their respective attitudes. You decide: Should Lauren show Jill a little sisterly love?

Yes. Lauren should drop the ice queen routine and accept Jill as her sister.
52% (356 votes)
No. Lauren should keep it strictly casual with Jill before she gets bitten!
48% (335 votes)
Total votes: 691