Jesse Metcalfe

Jesse Metcalfe Recovering From 40 Foot Fall

Former Desperate Housewives and Passions' star Jesse Metcalfe fell off a Monaco balcony and was knocked unconscious, US Magazine is reporting. According to Metcalfe's rep " he is fine and now recovering from some minor bruises in a London hospital." Perez Hilton is reporting he fell 40 feet at a World Music Awards after party.

Jesse Metcalfe: I Don't Miss 'Housewives'

Desperate Housewives' star Jesse Metcalfe told Parade magazine he doesn't miss his role on the hit ABC show. Check out the quote below.

"Truthfully I don't [miss it]," he said. Obviously, it was just a huge opportunity for me. And it was a great time, really a lot of fun. But leaving the show was a blessing because I could have still been playing John Rowland five years later. Now I've gotten to play some really interesting, complex characters in feature films."

Metcalfe must be the only actor in Hollywood who thinks not having a role on a hit TV show for five years is a bad thing.

Jesse Metcalfe "Walks Alone"

Former Passions star Jesse Metcalfe has posted some new "artistic" photos of himself on his Official MySpace Profile along with a quote by Alan Ashley Pitt "The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been." 

Former Soap Hunk Jesse Metcalfe Hollywood's Newest Bad Boy?

It looks as if former Passions star Jesse Metcalfe of Desperate Housewives fame got himself into a bit of a scuffle. Warning: The video clip contains profanity.

Has Jesse Metcalfe become Hollywood's newest bad boy?

Caption This: Jesse Metcalfe Gets a Haircut

Over at Best Week Ever they are running this picture of Jesse Metcalfe getting a haircut as a Caption This so I thought I'd see if we couldn't come up with some better captions than they have. Take your best shot folks.

Jesse Metcalfe Faces Assault Charges


Former Passions star and current tabloid fodder Jesse Metcalfe is facing assault charges in London over a recent run-in with the British paparazzi. Reportedly he punched the paparazzi in the nose leaving him with a bloody nose.