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Daytime and Diversity: How Far Have We Really Come?

Daytime television has come a long way from the time when soap operas solely revolved around the lives of Midwestern WASPs. Thanks in large part to Agnes Nixon, and the racially and socially diverse landscapes she brought to the artform with her daytime dramas One Life to Live and All My Children, people of color began to carve out a niche on daytime in the late 60's and early 70's. Nixon was also responsible for creating signature roles for women like Robin Strasser and Suan Lucci, both of whom have been quoted as saying they had been told their look was too "ethnic" for television early in their careers.

Guiding Light's Otalia Named "2009's Sexiest Couple Alive"

Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia's onscreen pairing Otalia has been named 2009's Sexiest Couple Alive by TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco. The title comes amid ever-growing coverage of the Guiding Light couple. Branco writes: "Their sexy, enveloping and stirring chemistry immediately captured the imaginations of GL viewers. Otalia’s deep love and respect for each other was hard to ignore, despite GL never using the 'L' word to describe their unique courtship."

Who is your pick for Sexiest Couple of 2009?

Guiding Light: "Wolfing" Down On The Island Of Lesbos

Phillip's return isn't the only thing hot on Guiding Light these days. So are Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia as Otalia. Otalia is everywhere. Entertainment Weekly has them on "The Must List." They did an interview with After Ellen. Lynn Liccardo over at the Red Room wrote a column about fan's reaction to Otalia. Now Michael Fairman has an interview with Chappell and Leccia at the, in which they talk about Olivia discovering that Doris Wolfe (Orlagh Cassidy) is a lesbian and how Otalia get some payback for the very public attack on Emma by Doris.

It's a good thing Otalia is getting so much press these days. Combined with Phillip's return, better writing, the slow but steady improvement of production values and a Bizzie reunion, there is a lot about Guiding Light to enjoy.

Now that we know that Doris is a lesbian would you like to see an Olivia/Doris/Natalia triangle?

Frank, The Magic Speed Bump

It's been a long time since I've watched a soap character look as truly horrified after having sex as Natalia (Jessica Leccia) did after sleeping with Frank (Frank Dicopoulos) on today's episode. I'm not sure if the expression was spawned by Natalia having straight sex or if Frank is just that bad in bed. If it is the latter, it sure does explain why he can't seem to keep a woman around as of late, but I digress.

I like Otalia as a couple, but I'm still having a hard time grappling with the once-devout Natalia, who quoted scripture and religious morals to Alan and Gus, possibly being a lesbian. One thing I do know, I'd love to see Olivia (Crystal Chappell) give Frank a good smack down. She will steam roll him. READ MORE

Phillip Granville Spaulding Happens Here

Before I get to the main event regarding the much ballyhooed resurrection of the lost Spaulding heir, a little housekeeping is in order.

First, no matter what one may think of the current state of Guiding Light or its prospects for survival, one cannot fault CBS for not marketing the high holy hell out of the return of Grant Aleksander and the character of Phillip Granville Spaulding. GL/Phillip/Aleksander has been everywhere: print ads and a steady barrage of television commercials have been broadcast non-stop, right down to a live interview with Sarah Bibel on Internet advertising has been almost overwhelming.

Think I'm exaggerating? Consider that the publicity has run so deep and so wide that outlets as disparate as have featured two video packages to The Wall Street Journal's financial/investment website have featured Aleksander/GL related material. Hell, all that was missing was a Super Bowl commercial; given how ubiquitous the marketing has been, no doubt CBS would have run one had it broadcast the game! I don't believe I have seen this much publicity for a soap since the heydey of General Hospital's Luke & Laura or, more recently, Susan Lucci's reported pay cut. READ MORE

GL's Crystal Chappell "Totally Open" to Otalia

When it comes to whether or not Guiding Light's long term hetero-homewrecker Olivia Lewis (Crystal Chappell) should stop being strictly dickly and embark on a romance with her roommate/Gal Friday Natalia (Jessica Leccia), the ravishing Chappell told TV Guide's Michael Logan she's "totally open for it", but what she wants most for Liv is love.

"What I want to see happen is a good love story–love having a very broad definition. This is a relationshio with true tenderness and intimacy, and we don't see a lot of that these days. Whether it turns romantic or sexual is not important to me right now. But, wherever it goes, I'm totally open for it."

Check out the rest of Logan's weekly soap coverage in this week's TV Guide on newstands now.