Jessica Leccia

GL's Blake and Ross Reunited and They Look so Good!

One Life to Live's Jerry verDorn may not have been able to return for the Guiding Light finale to reunite Ross with Blake (Elizabeth Keifer), but GL fans who attended the "So Long Springfield" event at the Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino on March 7 were treated to just such a reunion. New mommy and soon-to-be The Young and the Restless star Marcy Rylan also participated in the event, along with Beth ChamberlinKim Zimmer, Robert Newman, Jessica Leccia, Bradley Cole, Grant Aleksander, Justin Deas and Michael O'Leary. See more photos from the "So Long Springfield" event after the jump.


Here on Venice Beach: Season One Review of Crystal Chappell's Passion Project

I just finished watching the season finale of Venice, the groundbreaking, web soap opera from Guiding Light and Days of Our Lives' superstar Crystal Chappell, talented writer Kim Turrisi and sharp director Hope Royaltey, and all I can say is I hope a fly doesn't get a chance to head down my throat before I can pick my jaw up from the floor! If you are one of those people who opted not to subscribe to the web series, let me just say the season one cliffhanger featuring GL alum Jordan Clarke as Col. John Brogno— the homophobic father of Chappell's principle character Gina— alone was well worth the 10 bucks I paid, if only to make sure I know the backstory for what is sure to be a much stronger second season. But for now, let's talk about the season that was.

P&G Isn't Participating In Values Voter Summit

Procter and Gamble has released a statement to debunking the website's previous story claiming P&G was participating in the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit.'s earlier story was based on a press release from the Family Research Council stating P&G would attend. P&G states,

“Procter & Gamble has a strong, long-standing corporate commitment to diversity and inclusion—it is deeply rooted in our company’s culture,” P&G spokesman Brent Miller said in a statement to The Advocate. “P&G highly values individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures and is recognized for its diversity practices, including its efforts in GBLT diversity. P&G remains committed to developing family-friendly programming that appeals to the diversity of our consumers around the world. P&G is not planning to participate in the Values Voter Summit 2010 as suggested in the report.”

Anti-Gay Family Research Council Loves Them Some Procter and Gamble is reporting Procter and Gamble and their new production partner Wal-Mart will be guests at a Value Voters Summit  sponsored by the anti-gay Family Research Council. The meeting will be held at the late Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. You might remember, Falwell once thought one of the Teletubbies was gay, and encouraged parents to stop their children from watching the kid's show. 

 Reportedly,  the Family Research Council— which was a vocal supporter of Proposition 8— is just so gosh darned excited about P&G and Wal-Mart's upcoming remake of Deliverance NBC TV movie, Gays Are Wrong, Cousins Are Right Secrets of the Mountain, they invited them up for a discussion on "family values". Something tells me Guiding Light's last big supercouple, Otalia's (Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia) invitation got lost in the mail. 

So Long Springfield Heads to Connecticut

Get ready East Coast Guiding Light fans. The "So Long Springfield" tour is coming to the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut. The cast list for this gathering features some new additions including: Beth Chamberlin (Beth Raines), Liz Keifer (Blake Marler), Marcy Rylan (Lizzie Spaulding), and an old favorite Jerry VerDorn (Ross Marler). So if you want the chance to meet your favorite stars, get autographs, take a few pictures and hear what it was like to be on the set straight from the actors' mouths be sure to attend the event on March 7, 2010. For more information visit the "So Long Springfield" official website.


Diehard Fans Help Crystal Chappell Fund Second Season of Venice!

The online soap opera may have aired only one episode, but Crystal Chappell's Venice has already made enough money to fund a full second season of the serial! Chappell tells Soap Opera Digest purchases fans made from Venice's online store funded the sapphic sudser's premiere season, and that enough money was made just from the initial airing of Venice to produce a second season. Someone hire Chappell to run a daytime division already!

According to  the article, the official Venice website has had over 24 million hits since September, and saw 225,000 unique visitors in just the first week of December, which would explain those crashes. Never fear; La Chappell has hired a Colorado firm to add four new servers for all her rampant fans,  the actress/producer tells Digest.