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Victor Plays Brady Like a Fiddle on Days of Our Lives

Victor (John Aniston) thought his grandson had finally come to his senses, when Brady (Eric Martsolf) dropped by the Kiriakis mansion. He was wrong.

Victor said Kristen (Eileen Davidson) was the worst addiction Brady had ever face. He warned his late daughter's son, saying Kristen was going to suck his soul dry.
Brady, being one of the dumbest characters in soaps, didn't listen to a word his grandfather said. 

Suddenly, Victor changed his tune and apologized. He made up with Brady, saying he'd support him.

After Brady left, Henderson said he was happy to hear Victor was supporting Brady. Victor revealed he had no intention of supporting Brady; he was just biding his time. READ MORE

10 Actors Who Played Two Completely Unrelated Roles on The Same Soap Opera


News that Roger Howarth (ex-Todd), Michael Easton (ex-John) and Kristen Alderson (ex-Starr) are set to return to General Hospital as all-new characters is being met with mixed responses. As suds fans debate the latest chapter in the battle between GH and Prospect Park's One Life to Live, we decided to look back at a few actors who've played two unrelated roles on the same soap. Check 'em out below!


Victor Throws Chloe Out on Days of Our Lives!

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) ripped into Victor (John Aniston) about the Kiriakis mansion not being child safe. Their argument turned from her desire for better cleaning products, to the chaos she’d caused  Victor’s family over the years.

By the time it was over, Victor had ordered Chloe to move out. Of course, this was exactly the result Chloe had hoped for. Chloe quickly zipped across town to Daniel’s (Shawn Christian), to manipulate him into letting her and Parker move in. READ MORE

Days of Our Lives' John Aniston on Daughter Jennifer's Engagement: "It’s The First I’ve Heard About It"

Only in a Hollywood family would the patriarch learn of his daughter's pending nuptials from a buzz-generating, celebrity news site. That's what happened this weekend when Celebuzz inadvertently became the first to inform Days of Our Lives star John Aniston of his daughter Jennifer Aniston's engagement to Justin Theroux! Said the senior Aniston when Celebuzz contacted him for a comment on Sunday:

“It’s the first I’ve heard about it,” the stunned, yet thrilled, soap star said, in an exclusive interview. “It’s a surprise to me. I’ll have to look online. When I find out more, I guess I’ll tell you!”


DAYS’ John Aniston Celebrates Jennifer Aniston’s Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

American sweetheart, Friends icon and movie star Jennifer Aniston was honored with her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 22. Her father, Days of Our Lives star John Aniston, was there to celebrate and support his daughter in receiving her star. Other celebrities on hand included Adam Sandler, Malin Akerman, Kathryn Hahn and Justin Theroux. See more photos after the jump! READ MORE

Days of Our Lives' John Aniston's Early Acting Advice to Daughter Jennifer: “Don’t Do It. Become a Doctor. Become a Lawyer.”

Leave it to a worried daddy to try to protect his little girl. In a new chat up with The Hollywood Reporter, TV legend-turned-bona fide movie starlet Jennifer Aniston shared what her father, Days of Our Lives star John Aniston (Victor), said to her when he found out she wanted to follow him into acting:

THR: Your father, John Aniston, has been a longtime castmember on NBC’s Days of Our Lives. Has he, or anyone else in the industry, given you career advice that has really stuck with you?

Aniston: My dad’s advice has always been: “Don’t do it. Become a doctor. Become a lawyer.” He didn’t want me to be heartbroken because he knew it was a tough business. It compelled me to go for it even harder. Do what keeps you happy, and don’t ever let people box you in. There was a period when I was on Friends where The Good Girl came to me, or [2006’s] Friends With Money came to me. I thought, I’ve got to go for it now and try to not just be Rachel Green so I can get out of the Fruity Pebbles section at the grocery and explore the organic food. It’s a terrible analogy, but I had to get out there and do something different so they could see that I’m an actor, so I didn’t forget that I could do other things. I was lucky that happened. READ MORE