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The Life, Times and Death (?) of Y&R's Phillip Chancellor III

WIth the red hot CBS soap The Young and the Restless making waves by bringing back the wildly popular Thom Bierdz, some newer or casual Y&R viewers are probably wondering what the significance is of having the actor who played the original adult Phillip Chancellor III back on the canvas. One DC regular Blackjack21 emailed us with a request for Phillip's backstory. Since I was only a mere, randy thought in my teenage parents minds when they storyline began back in the 70's, I had to break out the trusty Y&R Anniversary Scrapbook, as well as pay a visit to online soap opera encyclopedia Soap Central to make sure I hit all the high notes. READ MORE

Guiding Light's Driscoll Gets "Restless"

He may have just flatlined in Peapack, but former Guiding Light star John Driscoll (Ex-Coop) is set to prove just how alive and well he is in Genoa City, Wisconsin. Driscoll has landed the plum role of Phillip Chancellor IV on The Young and the Restless.

John was so good during his audition the casting director actually cried!, says a source.

The actor auditioned opposite Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe), whom he will be reportedly sharing a storyline with.

Additional reporting by Melodie Aikels.

John Driscoll's Going Away Party

The cast of Guiding Light bid goodbye to John Driscoll and threw him a going away party. Check out the clip.

DC #364: Phillip Spaulding Super Sized

On today's special Guiding Light "Phillip Spaulding Super Sized" Daytime Confidential episode Luke, Mike, Jamey, Melodie and Nicki discuss the return of Grant Aleksander to Springfield.

They share their initial reactions to Phillip's return and choose the things they liked and disliked about the highly promoted event. They go in depth with their thoughts on Buzz (Justin Deas) locking Coop (John Driscoll) up, Jenna's (Fiona Hutchison) Ghostly return, Phillip's rescue of Coop after the crash, Phillip interrupting Beth (Beth Chamberlin) and Alan's wedding, Phillip and Alan at Phillip's headstone, the hospitalization of Coop, Phillip and Rick and the Josh/Reva/Jeffery/Shayne/Dinah factor.

After picking the best and worst moments of the anticipated week the gang discusses the production values and what did and didn't work.

Finally, they look to the future. Melodie shares some of her latest spoilers before Luke poses the all important questions: Is Phillip's return enough to help Guiding Light avoid cancellation? Has the return of Aleksander as Phillip made the unthinkable six months ago - Guiding Light surviving without Reva if Kim Zimmer ever decided to leave - a realistic possibility?

All this and much more on today's special Guiding Light episode.

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In Praise of Justin Deas

I've been a fan of Guiding Light's Justin Deas (Buzz) for a long, long time.

I don't go back to his days as Bucky on Ryan's Hope, but I vividly remember him as Tom Hughes on As The World Turns (opposite his real life wife Margaret Colin as Margo) where he was brilliant. I watched him rise to legendary soap greatness as the morally bankrupt Keith Timmons on Santa Barbara. I've witnessed him transform Buzz an institution. I think I've seen every moment that has won him those 530 Emmy's he's picked up over the last couple of decades. READ MORE

Guiding Light: Beth Happens Here

I owe Beth Chamberlin an apology. A few weeks back in my Top 10 Last Ditch Stunts to Save Guiding Light post, I recommended the show toss the actress in favor of bringing back Beth Raines' originator Judi Evans. While I never saw Evans in the role, I heard from my aunts and mother who watched the show during the heyday of The Four Musketeers, that Evans was even more fantastic as Beth than she was as Days of Our Lives' Adrienne or Another World's Paulina, two of my favorite soap heroines, so for me it seemed like a no brainer to bring back Evans with the show in such a precarious state. Then this past week happened. READ MORE