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This is What General Hospital's "Growing" Quartermaine Family Looks Like

During General Hospital's 51st Anniversary, we watched as AJ (Sean Kanan) joined Edward (John Ingle), Lila (Anna Lee), Alan (Stuart Damon) and Emily (Natalia Livingston) by walking into the light. Prior to AJ's walk up the General Hospital stairs he and Emily appeared to Monica (Leslie Charleson) and convinced her she shouldn't join them in the ever after. The reason: their family was "growing" thanks to Michael (Chad Duell) and Danny and she needed to be there for them. READ MORE

General Hospital Stars Salute John Ingle With 4th Annual General Hospital Fan Build (PHOTOS)

Current and former General Hospital cast members participated in the Fourth Annual General Hospital Fan Build Day: A Tribute to John Ingle on February 9. The event, which helped build a Habitat for Humanity home, saluted the late John Ingle (ex-Edward Quartermaine). See more photos from the construction site after the jump! READ MORE

Who Should Run ELQ on General Hospital?

Beloved patriarch Edward Quartermaine (the late John Ingle) has joined Lila (the late Anna Lee) in Soap Heaven on General Hospital. Now the question remains, who will lead the Quartermaine family into the next generation?

Daughter Tracy (Jane Elliot) seems a likely choice. She's certainly as ruthless as her late father. For years, Tracy's son Ned (Wally Kurth) served as the gatekeeper for both the Q family, and their Fortune 100 corporation ELQ. Perhaps ol' Eddie Maine will give up his Rock & Roll ways to stick around and head ELQ yet again?

Back from the dead grandson AJ (Sean Kanan) may not have as successful a business track record as Tracy or Ned, but he's just as ambitious. Plus, we're sure Monica (Leslie Charleson) would vote her shares in favor of her son.

Edward always had an affinity for scheming, self-preserving Skye (Robin Christopher). Might he put everything in the hands of his adopted granddaughter?

Although he only learned Baby Danny was his biological great-grandson on his deathbed, would Edward have provided provisions for Jason's (Steve Burton) heir in this will? Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) ending up with control of a block of ELQ stock would likely cause her in-laws more than enough reason to bicker in Monica's living room!

Then there's Michael (Chad Duell), AJ's son, who is gingerly making steps back into the Q fold, after growing up a Corinthos. Maybe Grandfather wanted to infuse ELQ with some younger blood?

Considering Edward's potential last requests for his empire might prove for naught, as unhinged ex-wife Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) tampered with his will. Could cuckoo Heather walk away with control of the family business? You tell us:

Who Should Run ELQ?

I Can't TAKE IT! The Q's Say a Thanksgiving Goodbye to Edward on General Hospital

I've already been blubbering and blowing snot all over the place, due to Stephanie Forrester's (Susan Flannery) Cher-worthy farewell tour on The Bold and the Beautiful. Now it's time to say goodbye to Edward "Grandfather" Quartermaine (the late John Ingle) on General Hospital.

Check out the preview below of the Q's saying goodbye to their patriarch, as Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) and Dante (Dominick Zamprogna) learn how Maxie's (Kirsten Storms) can help them have a family this Thanksgiving on GH.

10 More General Hospital Alums We'd Love to See Back to Honor Edward Quartermaine!

As more and more casting news breaks regarding General Hospital's upcoming tribute to Edward Quartermaine (the late John Ingle), we decided to compile a list of 10 additional loved ones of the cantankerous-yet-lovable billionaire, whom we would love to see return to honor his passing.

Wally Kurth and Robin Christopher to Return For Edward's General Hospital Memorial

Sean Kanan won't be the only familiar face soon traipsing around the Quartermaine living room set on General Hospital. I'm hearing Wally Kurth and Robin Christopher will be reprising their respective roles as Ned Ashton and Skye Chandler Quartermaine for episodes honoring the passing of Edward Quartermaine (the late John Ingle). READ MORE