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Unpopular "World" Opinions


I dare to be different, march to the beat of the music I hear inside my head, and root for the underdog. Of course, even the soaps are not safe from my eccentric thinking. I have been thoroughly enjoying As the World Turns for the past few weeks and have some very strong, albeit potentially unpopular thoughts about what I would like to see before my "World" stops turning in September. Please be gentle with me and hurl only fresh tomatoes in my general direction. READ MORE

As the World Turns: Countdown to the Finale

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 was the last production day for As the World Turns.

There seems to be no more appropriate time to begin the 54-year-old series’ final reviews before the globe stops spinning on September 17.

This first entry in that effort actually is an overview of where I, as a reviewer & fan, see ATWT’s standing first and foremost as a soap opera. The politics, recriminations, ratings analysis, and the business decisions leading to its demise are not my primary concern. Instead, I want to focus on the trials and shenanigans of Oakdale because, in my opinion, this venerable daytime serial — which once held the slot as the number one daytime drama for 20 years! — deserves no less. READ MORE

Chris Returns and Jack Gets Some News on ATWT

Next week on As the World Turns, Holden (Jon Hensley) and Molly (Lesli Kay) piece together clues while Luke (Van Hansis) and Noah (Jake Silbermann) find themselves at another crossroads. Chris (Daniel Cosgrove) and Vienna (Ewa da Cruz) return to Oakdale as Jack (Michael Park) gets some surprising news from Janet (Julie Pinson). Check out the promo after the jump.

Luke Confronts Holden; Carly Goes for Broke on ATWT

Luke (Van Hansis) takes advantage of being alone with Holden (Jon Hensley) to chat with him man to man about Damian's whereabouts. Meanwhile, the ever-impulsive Carly (Maura West) is ready to spill the beans about Janet (Julie Pinson) to Jack (Michael Park). Check out next week's As the World Turns promo after the jump. READ MORE

Wishful Casting/Storytelling: ATWT's Jon Hensley and Michael Park as Kevin and Joey on OLTL

While responding to regular Daytime Confidential reader Erica's Evil Twin in the First Impressions post regarding the returns of Kelly (Gina Tognoni) and Adrianna "Bitchy Bangs" Cramer (Melissa Fumero) to One Life to Live, a thought hit me. No, I didn't hit it back, but that's beside the point. Wouldn't it be gnarly if OLTL snagged Jon Hensley and Michael Park— the two biggest male leads on soon-to-be defunct CBS sudser and OLTL timeslot competitor As The World Turns to re-create the roles of Kevin and Joey Buchanan, respectively when ATWT ends this coming September? READ MORE

Carly the Outsider, Holden the Questioned and Barbara the Threatened on ATWT

Carly (Maura West) watches Jack (Michael Park) and Janet (Julie Pinson) get closer. Lily (Noelle Beck) questions Holden (Jon Hensley) about what could have happened to Damian (Paolo Seganti). Paul (Roger Howarth) threatens Barbara (Colleen Zenk Pinter) at gunpoint and Mick (Tom Pelphrey) attacks a cop for Alison (Marnie Schulenburg). Check out next week's promo for As the World Turns after the jump. READ MORE