Jon Lindstrom

Grading The ATWT Valentine's Episode

Yesterday As the World Turns featured a special Valentine's episode that put a spin on some old fairy tale and gave its actors a chance to do something a little bit different.
I think my favorite fairy tales were the Pinocchio and the Cinderfella segments. I didn't even recognize Ellen Dolan in the Cinderfella tale. Maura West, Michael Park, Mick Hazen, Jon Lindstrom, Don Hastings and Colleen Zenk Pinter all had great parts. I must admit I even enjoyed Grayson McCouch's Scarecrow too. It was so out of the "I'm a tough guy" role I'm accustomed to seeing him in I couldn't help but smile at it. Then we have the "vortex of suck," Paul and Meg. Apparently, not even the re-imagining of fairy tales can save these two.  Oh and where were Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann as Luke and Noah? Not for nothing, but one or both of them could have been Cinderfella's fairy godfather[s] and it would have been hilarious.

What grade would you give the Valentines episode?

Toast This

Yesterday's As the World Turns had one of those classic soap scenes where bystanders to a train wreck (in this case Carly and Craig's almost wedding) breath a huge sigh of relief after disaster is averted. Take your best shot at a toast by Holden (Jon Hensley), Jack (Michael Park) and Margo (Ellen Dolan) after Carly (Maura West) called off the wedding to Craig (Jon Lindstrom).

Now Presenting, Mr. and Mrs. Satan?

It sure looks like Carly (Maura West) stepped right in it on yesterday's episode of As the World Turns. As she was planning an out clause with her ex-tryst's wife Lily, Craig (Jon Lindstrom) was planning to drop their engagment bomb at Metro. It's a simple question, but what do you think about this latest pairing?

Should Carly marry Craig?

Johnny's Two Dads

Dusty (Grayson McCouch) and Craig (Jon Lindstrom) are at war over guardianship of Johnny. Dusty argues that Craig doesn't have custody of Johnny while Craig argues that Dusty is legally dead so he can't have legal rights.

Who do you want to get custody of Johnny?