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James Franco & GH Cast Discuss Guest Spot

Silver screen gem James Franco, along with a few cast members of General Hospital, discuss the actor's stint on the show and what viewers can look forward to. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

I was on a GH high last week and what always gets me about this show is that I feel like I come down too hard. I haven’t been feeling that high this week and in fact I see a lot of typical repetitive nonsense BUT I’m still hanging in there. I’m not jumping off the bandwagon just yet. Obviously, James Franco has me wondering and the addition of Scott Reeves as Steven Lars Webber has me giddy with expectations. One thing that is definitely keeping me hanging on… Dante/Dominic. Whatever you call him I’m saying Tom Pelphrey who? So much so that I almost gave my roommate a smack across the head when she declared her dislike for him the other day. READ MORE

Lucky Break: GH Spiked in Ratings the Week of Jonathan Jackson's Return

Like the usual state of Lily Snyder's menstrual cycle, I'm a bit late with my ratings column this week (Source: SON), but don't worry, I didn't tumble down any stairs, nor was I kidnapped to Malta.  ABC Daytime's General Hospital had a Lucky week Oct. 26-30, 2009. GH gained 163,000 total viewers, and went up two-tenths of a ratings point in households. GH also went up one-tenth of a point among women 18-49. Tied with GH in households is sister sudser All My Children, the serialized trainwreck added 52,000 total viewers. AMC is up one-tenth of a ratings point in households and held steady among women 18-49. One Life to Live also saw an increase in total viewers, even if the bump was as slight 28,000. OLTL held steady in households and among women 18-49. OLTL is tied with AMC in the most coveted demo, while GH is a full three-tenths of a ratings point ahead of the other two Mouse House soaps in the demo. AMC has the distinction of being the only soap on ABC up year-to-date for the ratings period.

NBC's Days of Our Lives lost 43,000 total viewers, but was still up year-to-date 252,000 viewers. DAYS held steady in households, but went up one tenth of a ratings point in the all-important women 18-49 demo. READ MORE

DC #477: ABC Busted!

On today's ABC episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Jamey, Jillian and Eye on Soaps' Belinda discuss the latest in All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live storylines and news, including:

All My Children was ABC's highest rated soap. What in the world is going on? Is there a logical explanation? What has happened to Pine Valley's Jesse Hubbard? Is he proving to be a corrupt cop? Brot and Natalia are a cute couple, but is Natalia too intense about being a cop? David Hayward tries to hold Amanda's womb captive. Luke makes an admission about AMC he never thought he'd hear himself say.

General Hospital was on fire with Jonathan Jackson's return as Lucky' and Claudia being busted. Maurice Bernard and Sarah Brown gave standout performances. The gang reacts to the news that Natalia Livingston is leaving GH. With Jonathan Jackson back, should GH try and get Amber Tamblyn back? Belinda makes a "shocking" statement that has Jamey defending one of his favorite characters

Llanview celebrated one big gay wedding on One Life to Live. Was it a metaphor for the show's other couples? Scott Evans gave a standout performance as Oliver Fish. David Vickers has "a date with Destiny" as they go to London to rescue Matthew. With Forbes March leaving As the World Turns would this be a good time to bring him back as Nash to reunite with Jessica?

All this and more on today's ABC episode of Daytime Confidential

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Jonathan Jackson Talks About His Return To General Hospital

Jonathan Jackson opens up about his return to his alma mater and what viewers should expect this time around. Gotta love how humble he is.

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

I’m finally getting back into my normal routine and it feels pretty darn good to say that I’ve watched GH all week! I know it’s not like I split the atom or anything but with GH being pretty good and me back into the swing of things (mostly) it’s HUGE in my world.

Can you believe it… I’m enjoying General Hospital. Prior to my “leave of absence” I had been pretty down on the Port Chuckles crew but lately it’s been great. Yesterday’s episode must have broken the bank with the everyone who got a little face time. What has me back on the GH bandwagon? Dante! I’m a little scared that they’re using him a tad bit too much but the scenes with Lulu have been awesome and Zamprogna himself is quite impressive. GH has one thing down pat, fantastic casting.

Has any character’s demise had as much anticipation as Claudia’s? We all love Sarah Brown and she has really been knocking it out of the park in her final episodes. While I’m sad to see Brown exit, Claudia has never been a favorite of mine and I blame that all on her horrible introduction. Yep, for the last almost two years, I’ve hated the character all due to her introduction. READ MORE