Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson: "Great Intense Material" To Come

On Air On Soaps' Michael Fairman chatted with Jonathan Jackson on what viewers should expect to see with his return as Lucky Spencer.   

MICHAEL: I mean, you wouldn’t be back if there was not a major emotional story for Lucky?

JONATHAN: Oh, yeah! There is going to be great intense material. I don’t know long term, but I do know what the audience knows in terms of Elizabeth and Nikolas. There are only certain limited places they can go, and that will get intense at some point. I look at that as a set- up, where it can go anywhere… and the relationship between Lucky and Luke. Tony and I have had some great scenes that feel like re-establishing something. Again, I did not watch the other versions of Lucky, but for me it’s picking up where I left off ten years ago, but now as an adult. There is a lot of interesting chemistry going on there. Then there is Ethan. I have only had some group scenes with him, and there is a lot of potential for story there…and again, with him being a con man and Lucky being a detective. Lucky is Luke’s son, so he has a dangerous side to him that could potentially take him either way, when it comes to that stuff.

Sounds like Ethan better watch out.. READ MORE

First Impressions: Jonathan Jackson Returns to GH

Jonathan Jackson returned to General Hospital today. What were your first impressions of his return? Watch two clips after the jump.

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General Hospital Flashback: Jonathan Jackson as Lucky Spencer

Jonathan Jackson returns as Lucky Spencer tomorrow, so in honor of his return I dug up some classic clips from YouTube. I started watching General Hospital in 1998, so many of these scenes and storylines are what helped to hook me on the show. After the jump, you'll find clips of Lucky finding out from Nicholas that Luke raped his mother, Lucky confronting Laura about the rape, Lucky visiting Tammy the hooker, Lucky and Elizabeth dealing with her rape, Lucky and Elizabeth promos and even one or two fan-made music montages. It is a trip down memory lane for GH fans who watched back then and hopefully will be helpful to newer viewers who have never watched Jonathan Jackson. Enjoy! READ MORE

"Elizabeth's First Love is Back" on GH

Jonathan Jackson returns to General Hospital on October 27 and ABC has released a promo. I'm looking forward to Jackson's return, but I'm a bit confused. I was under the impression Lucky Spencer had been in Port Charles for some years now. The promo says that "Elizabeth's first love is back."

Does that mean Lucky doesn't have a prescription for treating the case of crotch crickets he caught in Sam's hot tub? Does this Lucky know Jake is Jason's son? Is Lucky still a recovering drug addict? Does this mean Lucky isn't the Barney Fife of the PCPD? Will Jackson's Lucky remember the affair with Maxie? And why would Lucky ask if Elizabeth remembered him? How exactly does one forget their first love?

An actor is not the first love of a character, the character is. Instead of using "first love" or "the real" to describe actors returning as characters why don't these PR departments just keep it simple? Soaps have to promote the returns of big name stars. It would be stupid if they didn't, but there is no need to promote the return of one actor by pissing off the fans of another. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 10.02.09

I dropped a few comments on things this AM. One being that Rachel Ames aka Audrey Webber is set to come out of retirement to help her granddaughter Elizabeth out of jam. Is the jam Helena created? Was that the big return? No, Audrey has been living off camera ever since Ames retired. It’s been RUMORED a few times that Audrey would be popping back into PC with some fans even campaigning for the character’s death. A little morbid IMO to campaign for a longtime character’s death but hey to each their own. An Audrey appearance, Jonathan Jackson’s return and an affair with her ex’s brother… looks like Elizabeth Webber is off the backburner. Thankfully she wasn’t there too long. I know, I know, my fan affiliation is showing but then again, I’ve never tried to hide it. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 10.01.09

What a way to kick off October! James Franco as the newest PC resident, Sarah Brown leaves GH for B&B and Jonathan Jackson is returning as Lucky Spencer. My head hurts from spinning and my jaw hurts from hitting my desk too much this week. One thing every soap fan knows, anything can happen. READ MORE