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DC #273: Joseph Mascolo Interview

News that Days of Our Lives supervillain Stefano DiMera wouldn't be coming out of his coma caused fans of the iconic character and his portrayer Joseph Mascolo to quickly mobilize. Soon after came the announcement that the Phoenix would indeed rise again from the ashes and more pointedly, from the coma Marlena (Deidre Hall) put him in.

Recently Luke and Jamey had the chance to speak with Salem's most famous puppet master Joseph Mascolo, aka Stefano DiMera himself, about his history-making run on Days. Find out what led to the decision to put Stefano on ice and why Mascolo firmly believes it was the fervent outcry of his friends (he doesn't like to use the word fans) who demanded The Powers That Be thaw Stefano out.

In the revealing interview Mascolo weighs in on how he feels Stefano should deal with his enemies-namely Marlena, his onetime "Queen of the Night" and John, his ultimate Pawn. Find out if he's worried about whether or not Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) has become the new kingpin of Salem and if he believes The Phoenix should find love this time around.

They also compare and contrast the role of Stefano with Mascolo's memorable turn as Ridge Forrester's biological father Massimo Marone on The Bold and the Beautiful. You'll never guess Massimo and Stefano's surprising link! This is an interview Days and Bold and Beautiful fans won't soon forget.

We hope you enjoy listening to this industry giant as much as we did.

Visit Joseph Mascolo's Official Website.

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Days of Our Lives: Bart Back in Salem?

Just when you thought it was safe to roam the streets of Salem, it ups and changes things for you entirely.

Word on the Internet is that Steve Blackwood (ex-Bart)  may be returning to his old stomping ground  on Days of Our Lives

Could  Blackwood, who played Stefano's loyal henchman and the show's comic relief, be returning just in time for his old boss Stefano’s (Joseph Mascolo) return? Question, didn’t we see Bart die onscreen?

Rumor has it  Blackwood may play Bart’s twin brother this time around. Can you imagine if Days had them BOTH onscreen?  Robo-John (Drake Hogestyn) is already ruling Salem with an iron fist along.  EJ (James Scott) is now his right hand man, with Rolf (Will Utay) as his trusty sidekick. The return of Stefano and possibly a pair of twin henchmen just might prove to be more than  the Salem PD and/or the Kiriakis men can handle!

Days of Our Lives: Joseph Mascolo Returns!

What are the two things every Days of Our Lives fan knows? 

1. Noone ever stays dead on this show, and
2. The Phoenix always rises! 

Yes Days fans, it is being reported in the July 8th issue of Soap Opera Digest that Joseph Mascolo IS returning to Days of Our Lives to reprise his role as Stefano DiMera; he'll be seen onscreen from early August.

I can't wait to see Stefano return!  What will he do to those who not only put him in his coma (Marlena), but kept him there on purpose (Tony, Lexie and EJ)?  Not to mention returning home to DiMansion to find there's a few new people living there and his most faithful servant Rolf is now acting as their butler!  Should be some gold viewing!

What are you hoping Stefano will do when he returns to Salem?  Leave us your comments!

Days of Our Lives: Joseph Mascolo Encourages Fans to Speak Out!

Just like the character that he made  famous for over 20 years, Joseph Mascolo's (ex-Stefano, Days; ex Massimo B&B) is not lying down and taking it! On his website, Mascolo has spoken out about his treatment at Days of Our Lives and is asking fans to speak up for him.

After thanking fans for all of the love and support they showed him in celebration of his parents' wedding anniversary and later after his father's passing, Mascolo stated, "Also, to all of you who have expressed your outrage to me for the pathetic and uninspired manner in which Stefano DiMera has been written out of “Days of Our Lives” after just being named “One of the Greatest Soap Opera Villains of All Time” in Soap Opera Digest Magazine, I thank you for your support, and if you are so inclined, please let your feelings known by writing or emailing the show directly: or to If you prefer, you can write to Days of Our Lives, c/o NBC Studios, 3000 West Alameda Avenue, Burbank, CA 91523. Thank you all for your comments and support."

With the modified version of his Pawn John Black-Dimera (Drake Hogestyn) wrecking shop and putting a new spin on the DiMera legacy, what would Stefano say and do? Can you imagine Stefano and John going up against Victor (John Aniston) and Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson)? Maybe with Joe reaching out to fans via cyberspace we'll see this happen. 

Clash of the Titans: Who’s Your Pick?


We’ve all seen or heard of some of the epic matchups in sports history. In boxing there was Ali vs. Frazier, basketball Jordan vs. Bird were the ones to see and in baseball who can forget the Yankees vs. the Red sox. On soaps there are some matchups that are one for the books also; Viki vs. Dorian, Luke vs. Helena and one of soaps ULTIMATE feuds:  Katherine vs. Jill.

Now that he’s been let go from Days of Our Lives, Joseph Mascolo’s basically a free agent for any of the soaps out there. I always had him as one of my fantasy picks for an adversary in business and personal life against The Great Victor Newman… If the soap execs at the Y&R  are reading (along with the soap gods) and decided to have Mascolo come on Y&R as a rival against for Victor who would come out on top if he came on as a new character or Massimo Marone from the Bold and the Beautiful?


On The Stands: Soap Opera Digest

The cover says it all for me.   

If you haven't read it you may want to pick up a copy of the latest Soap Opera Digest. Joseph Mascolo, the man, the legend, the ICON who's played one of daytime's ultimate villain Stefano DiMera for over 20 years has been let go from Days Of Our Lives. The news first broke in the tabloid Globe Magazine, and many (including myself) were taking it with a grain of salt since well... it's THE GLOBE! We obviously need to stop dissin' the rag,  for this story anyways. Mascolo's firing comes off of the heels of his father's passing.

From SOD, Mascolo says: "From my point of view, as much as  I love [Executive Producer] Ken Corday. I am so deeply ashamed of what he allowed to happen to one of the greatest characters they ever had in Stefano," sighs Mascolo, who spoke to Digest shortly after the death of his beloved father, Peter, who lived to a remarkable 106.

Also inside the revealing interview, Mascolo talks about being wooed back to Days after a 10 year absence from the show to what it will take to be brought back to Days again.  So much for the Phoenix rising again!

Maybe this is just a temporary thing and Stefano will be back on our screens again? Days is famous for punking viewers. Sounds like this is the time for the people over at  Bold and the Beautiful to pick up that phone and call Joe to come on back or maybe the Young and The Restless can snatch him up? Can't you see Joe playing a character going head to head against Eric Braden's Victor?