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Summer "Days" Promo

Days of Our Lives' really letting fans know that they are still in the soap game with this promo for the summer. How cute is the little guy playing Theo? This may change my tune about the show....

Days of Our Lives: Who Will The Axe Fall On Next?

I can hear the blade being sharpened. The axe is about to fall, but who's head is on the chopping block? There's been plenty of rumour and innuendo. Take your pick. Who do you think will be the next to leave Days of Our Lives?

Days of Our Lives: Anniversary Tribute


November 8 marked 43 years of Days of Our Lives on our screens. I know lately we have been less than satisfied at what the show has had to offer, but to celebrate the rich history of the show, I felt the need to take a trip back down memory lane. Soaps have that effect on people. You get carried away to a place filled with fantasy and nostalgia - after all this is where it all began soaps. We hope one day our favourite shows will return to the landmark it once used to be. Big Sigh.

There are so many characters in this clip, too many to mention, but it's actually worth the 9 or so minutes. The scary thing about this, at the halfway mark, you actually begin to think of your age. I know I did anyway - a frightful experience. Ok, so I've just turned 30, but why in God's name can I remember things like Kimberly giving birth to Andrew in a stable just like it was yesterday. See, that's nostalgia for you. READ MORE

Days of Our Lives: Two-faced Two Step


Take out your umbrellas because fire and brimstone is about to be rained down. First it was Lucas (Bryan Datillo) last week browbeating Sami for doing what he told her to do, move on, now its Sami’s (Alison Sweeney) own parents.

What had me yelling right back at the TV screen today was the conversation between Marlena (Deidre Hall) and Roman (Josh Taylor) discussing Sami being caught literally sweating up the sheets with EJ (James Scott) by Lucas. The girl can’t catch a break for goodness sakes!

I am getting sick and tired of her getting flack tossed her way for living her life from everyone that claims to love her. If that constitutes love then I sure as hell don’t want any part of that hot mess!

Dr. Judgmental Jezebel Evans and Chief Condescending Brady make the mind boggle with  their attitude regarding Lucas/Sami/EJ love triangle. How can THEY of all people be judgmental when Sami was married to EJ when she did what she did, is over 18 the last time I checked (although this is Salem where kids are SORAS’d faster than the seasons changes.) and was told by Lucas to move on?

Marlena cheated on Roman with John and Roman… The man consorts with the woman that has vowed to make his OWN CHILD’s life a living hell... KATE! Didn’t Roman just provoke John into an altercation in order to take him into lockup? Wasn’t it Marlena that injected Stefano with the sedative that has him in the coma? Before that she shot him!

It just kills me on how Sami’s parents are raking her over the coals for doing something totall legaly (as far as we could see) in the confines of her own bed. If I’m not mistaken, she sacrificed her own happiness to secure the well being of her family since we all know Salem’s finest can’t do so and that’s not saying much considering half of her family’s on the force.

I know one thing, if it were my mom and she heard what went down the only thing she’d say to me is, “Girl why the hell didn’t you LOCK the door!?” I am damn frustrated with Samantha Jean’s parents throwing her under the bus all the while she appeases their every whim.

This is the same girl that fought tooth and nail to save her parents marriage by putting Belle up for adoption on the black market. You would expect some loyalty coming from them. As screwed up as her logic was her heart was in the right place.

I’m just waiting for the day that Sami decides to say, “SCREW YOU BOTH! It’s my life,” Roman and Marlena have the nerve to ask what’s wrong with Sami. What was so wrong with her getting all of her pent up frustrations out in a constructive way?

It was either that way or Sami pulling a classic Sami maneuver. I think RomMar are just mad that Sami’s getting some action and all they are getting is carpal tunnel from all the mass…. Mass typing they do for their journals, what were you people thinking? Sami’s an adult who is married to EJ. Instead of scolding her why don’t her parents just try to support her? That way she doesn’t have to pull a, “Sami,” on anyone.

Days Of Our Lives: Brady Family Ties

Funerals are traditionally emotional and sacred, no matter whether they are true to life or in the land of television. This week, Days of Our Lives have put on a touching display of family reunions, sad goodbye's and family orientated stories. The funeral of Grandpa Shawn Brady was delivered to viewers across the US with some pretty emotional scenes and complete flawless drama. Where do you even start? I caught the last two segments of the show on YouTube yesterday and can say that Days have never really tugged at my heartstrings as much as they did with the scenes of Shawn's funeral. I must admit, they came close during John's death and funeral most recently, but never much so did they bring a tear to the eye when the Brady children along with Caroline united in front of Shawn's coffin at St. Luke's. The only time Days has moved me in the way it did this week was way back in the early 90's when Kayla left the show. It was when Kayla said goodbye to Shane, her family, then at the cemetery at Steve's grave followed by picking up little Stephanie and leaving the Brady house to the tunes of Linda Ronstadt's "Goodbye My friend". It's almost like Days has come full circle, scary in a way, as in some cases for few shows this spells "the end", but for other shows it's just a simple case of great writing, great acting and great soap production.

Kimberly's return was excellent. I'm unsure why everyone who returns to Days after such a long stint away must come back with red hair. They must have only used half a box on Judi Evans (Adrienne) and decided that due to budget cuts, Kim had to sport red locks too. Kim looked great, but there was a small wee moment when amongst all those teary eyed scenes I found a reason to chuckle. It was when Bo and Kayla were in one screen, then pan across to Rotox and Kim. I swear they both have had work done. Apart from that, it was great to see all the Brady kids together. I know I’ve said this time and time again, but the icing on the cake would have been to have Wayne Northrop return to the role as Roman. I’ve got nothing against Josh Taylor, but it just isn’t the same. Days, PLEASE stop casting from within the same group of characters, it spoils the show. Other than this major flaw, the remainder of the episode was spot on, with perfect family tie moments.

Maggie, Marlena, John, Abe and Lexie were all present. That alone is quality. I probably would have loved to have seen Alice and maybe even more Doug and Julie, but Alice made a cameo in one of several classic flashback moments during the reading of Shawn’s eulogies. In one of the eulogies, Bo spoke about how he was not Shawn’s biological son, but Shawn had accepted him into his heart. Victor Kiriakis was outstanding. I can see him getting more and more involved with Caroline over the next few weeks, during the time of her grieving Victor is going to be her shoulder to cry on. Now that Bo is suffering from a pancreatic illness, Victor will be on hand to ensure he and Caroline’s son receives nothing but the best care from the best medical experts in the world.

Chloe’s performance was terrific. I think her singing; together with the cavalcade of stars was what brought a tear to the eye. A wonderful rendition.

Kayla rose to the altar and spoke about how her Pop never really took a liking to Steve, but after all was said and done, he came around and gave his full endorsement of the wedding between the two. Kayla remembered that the best times with her Pop were when he took her fishing down by the pier.

The flashbacks were coming thick and fast and fans were treated to several. Bo’s classic mullet was displayed during his flashback.

Even Maggie and Alice Horton appeared sitting at the Brady Pub when Shawn brought in a surprise bunch of flowers for Caroline.

The most moving moment was when Kimberly took her turn to speak. Her echoes of “Papa” sent chills down the spine. It was almost like Kim had never left Salem, her acting was superb.

For those that haven’t yet seen this episode, you can watch the last few scenes here. It’s amazing Days drama at it’s best.

Amidst all this drama, NBC were apparently going through some of their own controversy. I stumbled across an article this morning that mentioned Dena Higley had supposedly returned to the helm as Head Writer of the show and there had been talks that Dena was apparently scabbing during the strike. Whilst Writers were striking, it was reported that Dena continued to write for Days yet her name did not appear on the closing credits of the show. Further to this, James Reynold’s who portrays Abe Carver highlighted in a recent interview that he had enjoyed Dena’s work, especially those episodes that were currently on air. I wonder if anyone is going to land into any trouble for this? Days have recently been widely known for their sackings, so if they’re planning on doing this to Abe, they should think again! We all know Dena was a pretty good scribe in the mid 80’s, but her stories in 2003 were far from impressive when she did return to the show. I guess it’s now a case of time will tell. As it happens, many soap scribes have been known to write for the fans and give them what they want, only to turn 90 degrees and put in less time, less creativity and less popular content for characters which in turn bring about a ratings decline. Currently, Dena is writing on the right path, but can she maintain the momentum?

As for the current ratings, I am happy to report that Days had a +.2 increase in the show for the week - 18 Feb to 22 Feb, an overall rating of 2.4 and sitting equal third with As The World Turns. From what we have witnessed with the show’s episodes this past week, it will be no surprise if Day’s continues to rise to the top and possibly add a further +.2 share in viewers. Only time will tell. Now that this whole Brady/DiMera feud has died down ‘literally’ it’ll be up to the scribes (whoever they are) to take the show into uncharted waters and bring with it new vision of stories and use of its core characters. Let’s see more Victor and Caroline, let’s see John play out his role as a DiMera, let’s see a good send off for Shawn and Belle, let’s see more Ava/Kayla/Steve. Bring back Mickey Horton. Bring us more entertainment from Tony and Anna and let’s see where the character of Chelsea is heading. Most importantly give us something dramatic with Bo’s Illness storyline.

Remember Days, you’re on the right track; just don’t lose the plot – ‘literally’.