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Victoria Runs Home to Mother and Daddy Mustache on The Young and the Restless

A drunk Billy (Billy Miller) returned home to confront Victoria (Amelia Heinle) about being pregnant. Victoria denied being with child. She said she was glad she wasn't pregnant because of his gambling, before telling him she was leaving.

One little Victoria went to Newman.

One little Victoria forgot to comb her hair.

One little Victoria had Billy’s roast beef.

One little Victoria had none.

Tuesday, Victoria  went wee-wee-wee, all the way home to Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). READ MORE

Can Jack and Nick Ever Be Friends Again on The Young and the Restless?

Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) dirty, little secret about Summer’s (Hunter King) paternity is one of the biggest storylines The Young and the Restless has going at the moment. TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan caught up Peter Bergman and chatted about Jack’s reaction to the shocking revelation. Can Jack ever forgive his former stepson for this betrayal?

TV Guide Magazine: So how does Jack react to the good news-bad news?

Bergman: At first he's just gobsmacked. It's pure shock, because he's always felt a special connection to Summer. He really loves that girl and has long had a sense of envy that she was Nick's child. So, in that way, his dream has come true. But, then, he can't get to the bottom of things fast enough. How long has Nick known? How long has Phyllis? How many other people know about this? Jack has always had a soft spot for Nick. He helped raise the kid. He taught him baseball! I can't imagine them ever being friends or allies again. How do you get over that kind of deception? READ MORE

EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek at "Countdown to The Young and the Restless on TVGN" (PHOTOS and VIDEO)

TV Guide Network (TVGN) is rolling out the red carpet and shampooing it in suds, in honor of television's No. 1 daytime drama. On Monday, July 1, TVGN will air a special entitled, Countdown to The Young and the Restless on TVGN. Expect your fave Genoa Citizens to get up close and oh-so-personal with a live audience comprised of Y&R fans!

That ain't all TVGN has in store for suds lovers. In conjunction with Y&R's launch, the cabler is kicking off a Y&R Facebook Sweepstakes, which will provide fans the opportunity to win a Y&R set visit! Come on now, you know you want the chance to see Joshua Morrow's (Nick) legendary booty live and in living color!

To enter, viewers must tune-in to Y&R on TVGN weeknights at 7 PM, ET/PT for a daily code word, and then visit to enter the code word and the sweepstakes. Now then, where were we? Oh yeah, back to Countdown to The Young and the Restless on TVGN! Check out more pics and a video teaser after the jump!  READ MORE

Avery Puts Nick on BLAST Today on The Young and the Restless! (VIDEO)

Sounds like Avery (Jessica Collins) has been listening to a little Brownstone, during her marathon baking sessions on The Young and the Restless.  Nick Newman's (Joshua Morrow) latest lady love is sick and tired of being sick and tired, when it comes to all the secrets he's carrying around.

Will he finally come clean to his intended about Summer's (Hunter King) true paternity on today's episode of Y&R? Watch the teaser after the jump!


Phyllis Learns the Truth on The Young and the Restless

Nick (Joshua Morrow) was obviously on edge while talking to Jack (Peter Bergman) at the Abbott mansion. Jack was in a nostalgic mood, but Jack’s memories about Kyle (Hartley Sawyer) only made Nick more uncomfortable. The more Jack commended Nick for being a good father, the more nervous Nick became.
Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) arrived at the Abbott mansion, and wondered what Nick had on his mind.  Nick rushed out of the Abbott mansion without revealing the truth, but Phyllis wasn’t going to let him get off that easily and followed.

Nick blurted out the truth about Summer (Hunter King), when Phyllis demanded to know what was going on. At first, she didn’t understand what Nick was saying. When he showed her the DNA test, Phyllis started to melt down. As the enormity of Nick’s betrayal set in, Phyllis' world crumbled around her. READ MORE

Will Summer and Kyle Have Sex Before Nick’s Secret is Revealed on The Young and the Restless?

Summer (Hunter King) arrived at the Abbott mansion and promptly puckered up for Kyle (Hartley Sawyer).  She told him she preferred to have the kiss at the beginning of the date, instead of worrying about whether or not to kiss at the end. He pointed out their date wasn’t for hours.