Judith Chapman

I am Abbott, Hear Me Roar

Okay this has to stop. My heart simply can't take it. It's like the effects of yo-yo dieting. Everytime I sincerely think I am done with this genre, something like The Young and the Restless heiress Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) announcing that she, not Lil' Billy (Billy Miller), not Cruella de Bardwell (Judith Chapman) or Gary Ewing (Ted Shackelford) and no, not even Smilin' Jack (Peter Bergman) will be running Jabot Cosmetics, happens.

The Young and the Restless Weekly Preview

The fab four's not playing with the storylines are they!? Sidenote: Sharon asking JACK to move out of THE ABBOTT home? She's got some balls..

Y&R's Michael Baldwin, The Bitch Whisperer

TV Guide Canada 's Nelson Branco seems to think The Young and the Restless just may have a spin-off on its hands, if the show decides to spin of Christian LeBlanc's Michael Baldwin and capitalize on the character's uncanny penchant for being able to rein in difficult women. What would they call it? The Bitch Whisperer

TVG: I like to refer to Michael as the bitch whisperer because he’s the only person in soaps who can effectively communicate with, and understand bitches! And speaking of the bitches, why don’t they pair Phyllis and Michael together anymore?

CL: I know, right? Michelle and I do have a couple of scenes coming up. It’s hard when you have new writers come in. It takes a while for them to fully understand all the intricate relationships and friendships these characters have on the show right away. I miss working opposite her, for sure. I would never keep Michelle or Greg out of any episode because they are simply box office gold.


Did Ashley make the right decision?

With Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) “dead” and Gloria Abbott Bardwell (Judith Chapman) inheriting 5% of Katherine’s Jabot stock, the pieces are in place for Jack and Gloria’s takeover scheme. Won’t Jill’s face be a picture when they oust her? Further down the line, who won’t love watching Gloria squirm when it’s revealed that Katherine is alive and her will is invalid?

Should Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) have given Jack her proxy to bring Jabot back to the Abbotts?