Judith Light

Judith Light is NOT Returning For One Life to Live Finale!

Despite my revealing last June that One Life to Live alum Judith Light had turned down an offer to reprise the role of housewife-turned-hooker Karen Wolek, rumors seem to persist she is coming back. Unfortunately, those rumors are false.

"Judith isn't coming back to One Life to Live," says a source. "She turned the show down numerous times. They had a really fun cameo for her as Karen, but she turned it down repeatedly." READ MORE

RUMOR REPORT: Did Judith Light Turn Down a One Life to Live Finale Cameo?!

Don't expect Karen Wolek to make a return trip to Llanview, PA. before One Life to Live ends next January. According to sources, Judith Light recently declined an offer from the sudser to reprise the career-making role as the housewife hooker she played from 1977-1983.

I'm hearing this isn't the first time Light has turned OLTL down, despite always speaking fondly of her time on the serial in the press. Reportedly the brass wanted Light to appear as Karen for the soap's 40th anniversary back in 2008, but the Who's The Boss? and Ugly Betty star allegedly passed that time as well.

Here's hoping, with seven months left before the finale, TPTB will somehow be able to convince Light to change her mind. Watch a clip of Light as Karen Wolek on the stand after the jump!

Would Judith Light Reprise Karen Wolek on One Life to Live?!

For weeks we've been hearing about all the big name stars who or may not pay one, final visit to Pine Valley before All My Children goes off the air this September. Now Tony nominee Judith Light (she's up for Lombardi) is saying she'd welcome the chance to reprise the iconic role of not-so-happy housewife-turned-hooker Karen Wolek on One Life to Live! Says Light to EW.com:

Which of your TV characters would you play again?

Oh, any one of them. I loved them all. I’ve had some incredible roles. I mean, if you’re talking about One Life to Live or Who’s the Boss or Law & Order. There isn’t one that I wouldn’t love to do again. They were written fantastically and I had a great time doing them all. I would happily go back. I was just talking to Vanessa Williams at the Broadway.com Audience Choice Awards [Light won Best Actress in a Play] about how much we miss our Ugly Betty family. It’s so true.

Now this would be hot. I never watched Light on OLTL ( I was 1-year-old in 1978 when her big story was playing out, so yeah...), but have loved her ever since she played a millionaire who had sex with the help. No, she wasn't in The Arnold Schwarzenegger Story, she was publishing tycoon Angela Bower on one of my fave 80's sitcoms, Who's The Boss? I think it would be awesome-tas-mic to see the actress "Light" up Llanview.

I know, Wishful Storytelling: What if Aubrey (Terri Conn) is Karen Wolek's daughter? She could have grown up hearing her Ma talk about her good friend Viki Lord (Erika Slezak) back in Llanview, and created all sorts of fantasies in her head about becoming a member of Viki's fancy pants family.

Aubrey could have never let on to her boyfriend/patner-in-crime Cutter (Josh Kelly) as to the real reason she targeted Dumbo Joey (Tom Degnan). Can't you just see Mama Wolek scolding Aubrey on her sinful ways, only for Daughter Meanest to bring up her mother's past of doing something strange for a piece of change? Meanwhile, Viki stands there all a' hissing and carrying on in one of her trademark fits of righeous indigestion.  Come on, Frankie V., get on the horn and make this shiz happen! 

Until then, watch the classic clip of Karen Wolek admitting tricks aren't just for kids, they were for turning, after the jump!


Ugly Betty Says Goodbye Tonight

Tonight we say goodbye to ABC’s soaptastic Ugly Betty. During its four seasons the over-the-top dramady made America Ferrera a star and won her an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a SAG Award, breathed new life into the careers of Vanessa Williams, Judith Light and Tony Plana and introduced us to Michael Uri, Mark Indelicato and Becki Newton. It also treated fans to a lot of laughs, shocking plot twists and more than a few catfights, all centered in the sensationalized world of MODE magazine. As Ugly Betty takes its final bow it’s important to remember its most important theme, it’s what’s inside each of us that matters most.

Photo Credit: ABC

Night of the Hunter

There are unforgettable performances in daytime television, many of them etched in fable or memory. Who among us who witnessed it the first time it aired will ever forget Judith Light during Karen Wolek's testimony in which she revealed she was a hooker on One Life To Live?  How about Kim Zimmer as Reva declaring herself the slut of Springfield or Beverlee McKinsey's Alexandra and her lethal evisceration of Roger at the country club on Guiding Light? Almost everyone involved in the aftermath of BJ's death on General Hospital was awesome. There was Mary Fickett's brilliance in the aftermath of Ruth's rape by Ray Gardner on All My Children. And who could forget Douglass Watson's titanic performance when Iris (Carmen Duncan) revealed to Mac she was behind the attempted takeover of Cory Publishing on Another World?  There are untold dozens of scenes, including quite a few in recent years that have been mesmerizing in their own right.

For my money, one of the most electric performances on daytime drama for all time was rendered by Academy Award winner Kim Hunter in her final episode on The Edge of Night as faded film star Nola Madison.  For your consideration, I have posted the meatiest scene — the episode's second act, featuring the confrontation between Nola and rival Margo — at the top of this entry, but the two brilliant scenes that follow are at the end of this entry with some additional background after the jump. READ MORE

Big Pimpin Judith Light

Check out Ugly Betty's Judith Light and One Life to Live alum sporting some sort of pheasant inspired hat. Only she could pull off something as big pimpin as this.

Boy do I wish I'd seen her when she was on OLTL. Who knows, now that Ugly Betty is being filmed in NYC, why couldn't Frons wave his magical cross promotional wand and have her make a Llanview cameo?

Would you like Judith Light to make a cameo on One Life to Live?