Katherine Kelly Lange

Steffy Can't Conceive on The Bold and the Beautiful

There is nothing I hate more than the miracle baby on a soap opera.  So of course I cringed when the good doc told Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) she wouldn't be able to conceive another child. It only sets up the inevitable miracle baby in Steffy’s future, which irritates my future self. 

While I liked seeing Katie (Heather Tom) and Steffy find some common ground—as I’m a fan of character growth—I couldn’t help but jump to the conclusion Katie was just chomping at the bit to run to Hope (Kim Matula) and tell her the good news.  READ MORE

Can Hope Just Shut Up on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Why is Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) so sure what she’s offering Eric (John McCook) is so much better than the life he has with Taylor (Hunter Tylo)?  I loved how Eric leveled her when he asked how many more lies they're supposed to tell after Brooke’s “story” unfolds. 

According to Brooke, her losses are far worse than any potential suffering anyone could feel. Please, get off your pedestal.  Then, there’s Taylor, playing into Brooke’s hand.  This whole story is ridiculous. It is a prime example of why you don’t stay friends with your ex.  READ MORE