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Kathie Lee and Hoda Talk About Grooming Their Hello Kitties For Nine Minutes on Today

Somewhere Jane Pauley is opening up a Microsoft Word document to delete her time on this show right off her resume. On Friday's episode of Today, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb spent almost an entire act of the morning show's fourth hour discussing their grooming habits "down there".

This madness only transpired after Gifford shrieked an Irish song at the top of her lungs in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Sweet mother of Moses. Watch the televised trainwreck after the jump!


Are Kathie Lee and Hoda FEUDING Over Where Fourth Hour of Today is Taped?

Are The Today Show's favorite fourth hour boozehounds at odds over where their program is taped? According to TMZ, Kathie Lee Gifford wants to relocate production of the fourth hour of Today to Los Angeles, while co-host Hoda Kotb is hellbent on keeping the show in New York.  From the report:

"Both women are really strong, so tension is almost inevitable," says one source.  For now, they've reached a compromise ... they would do the show for a few weeks here and there in L.A., but we're told Kathie Lee is unbending -- she wants to make the move.


Kathie Lee Gifford's 'Scandalous' Flops on Broadway

Today's Kathie Lee Gifford won't be adding "successful Broadway producer" to her resume anytime soon. The chat queen's Broadway musical Scandalous is set to close this Sunday, after only 31 preview performances and 29 regular shows, reports the New York Times.   READ MORE

Kathie Lee Gifford a "Wreck" After Dropping a Puppy on Its Head on Today


Kooky Kathie Lee Gifford is beside herself after dropping a puppy. The pooch faux pas took place during the fourth hour of Today on Thursday. Former America's Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker brought along several cuddly critters up for adoption, during a visit with Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

"The puppy is okay, but I'm a wreck," said Gifford to Matt Lauer this morning on Today.

Watch Gifford let the pup slip right out of her hands after the jump! READ MORE

Kathie Lee Gifford on Jon and Kate Gosselin: "I Would Turn Off The Cameras"

Today Show host Kathie Lee Gifford is weighing in on Jon and Kate Gosselin's marital troubles. Gifford told US Magazine.com "I would turn off the cameras if I were them and just work on healing together as a family." and "Who knows the long-term damage something like this could do? I understand they are making a living, but you have to wonder at what price."

SNL Spoofs Kathie Lee Gifford

Saturday Night Life spoofed The Today Show fourth hour hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. It is hilarious.