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The Paley Center Says Goodbye To ATWT


Fans wanting to say adiós to Oakdale will have their chance next month. On Aug. 18, The Paley Center will host an event which will showcase clips from over the years and discuss how As The World Turns handled many real-life issues throughout the years. The following are slated to appear:

Chris Goutman
Jean Passanante
Terri Colombino
Trent Dawson
Kathryn Hays
Don Hastings
Eileen Fulton
Colleen Zenk Pinter
Van Hansis

For tickets and more information click here

ATWT: Checking Out of The (Vienna) Hyatt

Today’s episode was a typical “treading water” day in the life of a daytime drama winding up its final days. With tons of exposition and repetition, the news of Vienna’s pregnancy deception and other shenanigans, Henry’s relationship with and long overdue publicly admitted love for Barbara, and Katie’s attempts to make right her role in the whole fiasco rocketed through Oakdale faster than tweets about Sarah Palin’s hilariously absurd forays into neologism.

Henry confronted Vienna about Barbara’s whereabouts. Katie told Margo, Will and Gwen about Vienna and Barbara and Henry. Will confronted Henry about Barbara. Alison told Casey about Vienna. Folks ran around in various combinations telling each other the same information several times throughout the episode. Perhaps the best reaction of learning of Vienna’s pregnancy scam came from a genuinely shocked, appalled, and disappointed Kim, who laced into a semi-penitent/self-justifying Chris about his role in the cover-up and its consequences. Of course, one must ask if anyone in Oakdale has heard of texting, Facebook, or Twitter in this day and age, but then this kind of “shocking news spreads through town like wildfire” episode is the kind of thing that soaps used to do so well. 

This brings me to a point about Henry (Trent Dawson) and Barbara’s (Colleen Zenk Pinter, who has been extraordinary) love being thwarted by the “evil” machinations of Vienna (Ewa de Cruz): I like it. Correction. I love it! READ MORE

As the World Turns Celebrates 54th Anniversary (Photos)

You’ve watched the behind-the-scenes video of As the World Turns’ 54th anniversary celebration and now you can check out photos from the celebration. See more photos after the jump. READ MORE

SNEAK PEEK: Julianne Moore's Return to ATWT

In preparation for Julianne Moore's guest appearance on As the World Turns, CBS has posted a brief sneak peek of her return as Frannie Hughes on their website.

The four time Golden Globe and three time Oscar nominated actress' episode will air on Monday, April 5 as Frannie swings through Oakdale for her parents Bob (Don Hastings) and Kim's (Kathryn Hays) 25th anniversary. For a preview, watch the video after the jump.


It's 25 Years for Bob and Kim and Carly is Tempted on ATWT

Next week on As the World Turns, Bob (Don Hastings) and Kim (Kathryn Hays) reach a milestone anniversary, Reid (Eric Sheffer Stevens) is hit with a lawsuit, Carly (Maura West) is tempted by the demon bottle and Jack (Michael Park) finds Dusty (Grayson McCouch) knocked out cold. Watch the promo video after the jump!


ATWT's Don Hastings:"Internet Crowd Wants To See More of Kim And Bob"

TV Guide Magazine chatted with As The World Turns stars, Don Hastings (Bob) and Kathryn Hays (Kim) about their alter-egos' love affair in conjunction with their upcoming 25th wedding anniversary . The actors also discussed  the lack of screentime the duo has endured for the past view years and the fan response online. Says Hastings,

“They should never have been excluded,” states Hastings. “[ATWT creator] Irna Phillips built this show on all the generations and our best writers over the years, like Douglas Marland, continued that tradition. I don’t have a computer but the young people on our show are always telling me that the internet crowd wants to see more of Kim and Bob. The people who have the power [at ATWT] may not realize that, or care about that, but I do believe it’s true.”