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Katie Couric Wants to Know: “Is Sexting Cheating?”


Katie Couric wants to fill the void left by Oprah, but will topics like “Is sexting cheating?” or “What are the five rules for dating over 40?” be enough to pull in viewers to her new talk show? In her latest promo for Katie, Couric previews more of what fans can expect.

Katie premieres on September 10. Watch the latest promo for Katie after the jump! READ MORE

Cindy Adams Says Katie Couric's Talk Show Has Just Three Days to Prove Itself!

According to Page Six maven Cindy Adams, Katie Couric's new syndicated talk show, Katie, is being given only three days to prove a hit or a miss when it debuts this fall. Said Adams:

We’ve seen television favorites yanked off shows despite contractual obligations. Katie Couric’s ABC daytimer debuts September. So when will TV hotshots determine her new effort’s hot or not? Two years? Three seasons? Six episodes? Care to hear precisely exactly how long their eyes take to decide? You won’t believe it. But believe it.

Three days.

Day 1, everybody tunes in. Day 2, it’s those watching a second time plus whoever missed the first program. By Day 3, the tinkering begins, but to suits in those offices if the ratings aren’t solid gold, it’s already all over.

Three days to tell if Katie’s A-OK. And please don’t insult me by saying I don’t know what I’m talking about. I know what I’m talking about because I know what they are talking about. READ MORE

Get a First Look at Katie Couric's Daytime Talk Show!

ABC has released a little taste of what's to come on Katie Couric's self-titled talk show.  Katie will broadcast live from New York City in front of a studio audience. The series promises to merge "stories of the day," entertainment and informational news to viewers.

Katie has been cleared throughout over 95 percent of the country's markets and has snatched up General Hospital's  coveted timeslot on ABC-owned and operated stations. Watch the promo below. READ MORE

Katie Couric’s Wish List Includes Amanda Knox and Kate Middleton

We already know Katie Couric has extended an open invitation to Sarah Palin to be a guest on her upcoming talk show, but now we’re learning more about who she wants to book.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Couric has set her sights on landing Amanda Knox, but acknowledges the competition to land the interview is completive.  

“That would be a huge get, but that’s very competitive,” she said of the young American whose murder conviction in Italy was overturned late last year.

Kate Middleton would be pretty nice to have on our show,” Couric added.

Who would you like to see Katie Couric interview?

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Katie Couric Wants to Book Sarah Palin on Talk Show

Would former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin ever be interviewed by Katie Couric again? Couric hopes so. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Couric has extended an open invitation for the lightening rod, former Alaskan Governor to appear on her upcoming talk show Katie.

"She has an open invitation to come talk to me," Couric said during a stop Monday in Orlando. "I'm not sure she'd be interested, but she'd certainly be welcome. She's a fascinating figure not only on the political scene but in popular culture." READ MORE

Katie Couric Snags Weekly Yahoo Talk Show

Katie Couric is one busy woman. The Wrap is reporting the soon-to-be syndicated daytime talk show host has a new, weekly chatfest for Yahoo debuting May 1.

Katie's Take, which will air exclusively on Yahoo's website, will focus on health, nutrition, parenting and wellness issues. Don't expect Couric to get too caught up in her digital activities to lose focus on her upcoming daytime show, however. From The Wrap:

The main focus for the former “Today Show” host remains her upcoming syndicated daytime talk show, “Katie,” but this show gives her a digital presence, as well.