Kelley Menighan Hensley

Kelley Menighan Hensley at Angels for Hope Gala

Kelley Menighan Hensley (Emily, As the World Turns) was one of the women behing the Angels for Hope Gala for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital on May 29. She was joined by her husband Jon Hensley (Holden) and co-stars Michael Park (Jack) and Terri Colombino (Katie).

More Random Thoughts About Five Soaps

My absence from Daytime Confidential lately has not been due to the usual business of family and work taking up a lot of my time, but rather a certain lack energy to post about practically any of the daytime serials that clog up my DVR from day to day. This is neither a positive nor a negative thing because there are frequent periods throughout the year when shows kind of coast along and do their their thing, usually between sweeps.

At these times, there is little for the viewer — if that viewer is me — to get all worked up about this plot twist, that character's action, some couple or another or even a whole show's direction. Normally, this state of affairs hits one or two shows at a time. Every once in a while like the last couple of weeks, the stars align and all the serials get caught in the same momentum of drift. All that is required of us is to watch and see where it all goes.

In that spirit, my brain plays a little game of soap opera hopscotch, taking in odds and ends big and small. There is no great elaboration on anything here, just a quick rundown of things I like and not like so much. Your mileage may vary... READ MORE

"Hunting" Down a Love Interest for Emily on As the World Turns

Emily Stewart (Kelley Menighan Hensley) has her hands full with Lucinda's new geek Hunter. In some ways it seems like the show is trying to recreate the Casey and Emily magic of 2008. I'm not sure that is possible. While it is nice to see Emily involved in a storyline that doesn't have anything to do with Dusty or Paul, I'm curious what everyone thinks of the budding relationship between Hunter and Emily? As the World Turns seems to be hinting at a possible Emily/Hunter/Alison triangle as well, but isn't it enough that these two women have already shared other men?

Are you enjoying Hunter and Emily?

Buzz Worthy Monday Double Header: ATWT's Kelley Menighan Hensley and Y&R's Michael Graziadei!

My boy Na' Vell over at Buzz Worthy Radio is preparing two soaptastic inteviews for you guys on Monday. At 4:30 pm ET he's interviewing Oakdale's favorite cougar Kelley Menighan Hensley (Emily, As The World Turns). Then when the lights go down, at 10 pm ET, he'll be talking with the in demand actor who brings Y&R's resident bohemian Daniel Romalotti to life, Michael Graziadei. Hey, wouldn't it be hot if Emily crossed over to Y&R and cougar scratched Daniel?  Make it happen Na'Vell!


Will ATWT's Emily Find Computer Love?

Is seasoned cougar Emily Stewart (Kelley Menighan Hensley) about to scratch another young cub on As The World Turns? It sure looks that way. Marietta, Georgia-bred Evan Alex Cole (ATL in da house!) will debut on this Thursday's episode as Hunter, a new IT specialist Emily hires at The IntruderWe Love Soaps' Roger Newcomb got the scoop from the newcomer on his new character's interaction with Oakdale's version of Mrs. Robinson.
We Love Soaps: Tell me about the character of Hunter. He's a computer geek that Emily hires to work at The Intruder?

Evan Alex Cole: I feel like we kind of know this sort of person. Everyone knows the guy who spends way too much time behind the computer, and the variety of social quirks that sort of thing can generate. I think that's pretty tangible. In the storyline, Hunter gets promoted from the IT Department at The Intruder. Because of the economic climate, the paper could go under. Lucinda introduces me to Emily, my co-editor and then... "

What's Wrong With As The World Turns


As the World Turns is something of a mystery to me these days. I haven't been blogging regularly about the show because, honestly, I am kind of flummoxed about what to actually write about from day to day.

I love ATWT. The show is blessed with some of daytime's strongest actors. In this age of massive cost cutting, ATWT found an arguably better production alternative than Procter & Gamble sister show Guiding Light. Speaking for myself, I find most days, most characters, most stories and most events to be sufficiently captivating to keep me coming back.

Nonetheless, something is badly amiss in Oakdale. The usual criticisms of ATWT are all-too-familiar: far too many recasts, underused vets, storylines that turn on a dime, compressed storytelling and ever shrinking production values to name a few. While those issues are real and important, they are only symptons of several larger problems that encapsulate the issues that I, other Daytime Confidential bloggers and commentators all over the internet have found themselves dismayed about over the last several months. After trying to put a finger on these issues while attempting to "figure out" what's going on at ATWT from a larger perspective, several things have jumped out as serious structural flaws, like a cracked foundation in a beloved old home. READ MORE