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Did Lightning Finally Strike Thrice For General Hospital's Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco? (POLL)

They made us strain our necks hoping some dark-haired, sexy beast might take a bite, as Caleb and Livvie on Port Charles. Years later, they reunited on General Hospital as top cop John McBain and troubled mob mama Sam McCall, proving that, though a rare occurence, lightning can strike twice on soaps.

However, when a real-life legal dispute saw McBain having to beat a hasty retreat from fictional Port Charles—only to be replaced by grouchy doppelganger physician Dr. Silas Clay—we at Daytime Confidential started to wonder if Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco's previously palpable chemistry had disappeared. Oh we of little faith!

The slow-burning saga of Silas working to save the life of Sam's ailing son resulted in the emotionally-wounded widow and mother bonding with the doc, whose bedside manner initially made Nurse Epiphany (Sonya Eddy) seem pleasant by comparison. The moment Sam and Silas kissed, I was once again sold on the majesty that is an on screen pairing between Easton and Monaco.

That's right folks. I's done been converted! Pass the collection plate. I've seen the dark, smoldering light! My DC counterpart, Luke Kerr, however, still isn't feeling the pairing — a fact that is debated on the next Daytime Confidential podcast ad nauseum. Now we want to know where you stand.

Is the third time the charm for Easton and Kemo?


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Should Sam Find Comfort in Patrick’s Arms More Often on General Hospital? (POLL)

On this week’s Daytime Confidential podcast we discussed Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) recent scene (pictured above) and if the two should become a couple. For me, it’s the perfect solution to two problems.

Lightning did not strike for a third time between Michael Easton and Monaco as Silas and Sam, so getting her out of his orbit would solve that painful problem. Meanwhile, Patrick and Sam discovering a more intimate connection would free him of saccharin Sabrina (Teresa Castillo).

Plus, if Kimberly McCullough ever returns as Robin, the payoff of Robin vs. Sam would be significantly more compelling than Robin vs. Sabrina.

Should Sam and Patrick fall for each other?

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