Kelly Sullivan

Carly and Connie Stir up Trouble With AJ on General Hospital

Reeling from Todd (Roger Howarth) and Johnny’s (Brandon Barash) revelations, Carly (Laura Wright) decides to cause a bit of trouble by mixing things up with AJ (Sean Kanan). However, she isn’t the only one. Connie (Kelly Sullivan) also pulls AJ into one of her schemes to mess with Sonny (Maurice Benard).

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DC's 10 Worst Soap Opera Couples of 2012

No. 10: Neil and Harmony, The Young and the Restless

We're sure the brass at The Young and the Restless hoped pairing uptight, buppie Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) with another sassy, sistah from the streets would generate the same kind of heat Neil's relationship with street urchin-turned-fashionista Drucilla Barber (Victoria Rowell) accomplished in the 90's. It didn't.

Man, was it painful to watch two popular, talented soap stars like St. John as Debbi Morgan—as promiscuous, recovering crackhead Harmony— attempt to manufacture chemistry where there obviously wasn't any to be found. 



Disney's Hyperion Publishes 'Love in Maine' by General Hospital's Connie Falconeri

When will the Connie (Kelly Sullivan) madness end on General Hospital? Apparently not before March 26. Hyperion is publishing the novel Love in Maine by the split-personality of fashionista Kate Howard.

Those watching GH realize Molly Lansing (Haley Pullos) actually wrote the love story, but apparently Connie will take credit. Amazon has listed the book for publication on March 26, 2013. From the descriptor:

As seen on ABC Daytime’s General Hospital, the delightful first novel from Port Charles’s Connie Falconeri. Whether you’ve been a fan of GH your entire life or simply love a romantic romp of a beach read, Love in Maine is simply unputdownable!

Maddie Post--outgoing, vivacious college athlete--does not belong in Blake, Maine. She does not belong in a riverfront diner catering to boat-builders, and she does not belong in sweet Janet Gilbertson's $200-a-month guest room. And Janet's dark and stormy son, Hank, back in Maine after 10 years as an active duty Army diver, isn't without his troubles, either. Quiet and brooding, he’s happiest working with explosives underwater: talk about pressure! For all their differences, when bubbly Maddie and cautious Hank start spending time together, it doesn't take long for the crackle of summer romance to grow into a blazing fire. They canoe and camp, watch movies and read paperbacks, fend off Maddie’s aggressive ex-boyfriend and encourage Janet’s blossoming romance with diner-owner Phil, and even spend a romantic weekend in Boston. Hank is softening up and Maddie is starting to feel more comfortable in her temporary home, but does this improbable couple belong together? And what happens to their relationship when Maddie heads back to college and Hank starts traveling the world again on a mysterious, possibly dangerous, assignment? READ MORE

General Hospital Stars Have Fun Under The Orlando Sun (PHOTOS)

Brandon Barash and Haley Pullos were among the current and former General Hospital stars who escaped California for a series of Fall Getaway events in Orlando, Florida on November 3 and 4. Bradford Anderson re-united with former screen partner Jen Lilley and shared the stage with Emily Wilson, who plays Spinelli’s new love interest Ellie. Kelly Sullivan, Erik Valdez and Lindsey Morgan also mixed with fans and signed autographs at their respective events. See more photos after the jump! READ MORE

Kate to Trey on General Hospital: "I Think I'm Your Mother!"

Congratulations, Kate (Kelly Sullivan). It's a hunk! What will happen once cuckoo Connie from Bensonhurst tells Trey (Erik Valdez) she not only bore him, but left him for dead? Watch the latest General Hospital promo after the jump!

General Hospital’s Kelly Sullivan and Jen Lilley Host Fan Event

Kelly Sullivan and her former General Hospital co-star Jen Lilley hosted a fan event at the Brokerage Comedy Club in Bellmore, NY on September 9. The stars answered questions, mixed with guests, posed for pictures and signed autographs for fans. See more photos after the jump!