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Wyatt Wants More Time With Hope on The Bold and the Beautiful (SNEAK PEEK)

Now that Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) has agreed to give Liam (Scott Clifton) an annulment, he's free and clear to marry Hope (Kim Matula). The only problem is, his brother Wyatt (Darin Brooks) is determined to make the blonde fashionista his girl. Decisions, decisions!

Who will Ms. Logan choose and how will it impact Quinn's (Rena Sofer) deal with HFTF? Watch a sneak peek of Monday's The Bold and the Beautiful after the jump! READ MORE

Wyatt to Hope on Bold and Beautiful: "Don't Marry My Brother" (SNEAK PEEK)

Wyatt Fuller (Darin Brooks) is ready to show and prove himself to Hope Logan (Kim Matula)! Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, the hunky jewelry pusher asks his brother's girl to rethink her wedding plans. Watch a sneak peek of Friday's B&B after the jump! READ MORE

Wyatt to Liam on The Bold and the Beautiful: "Game On, Brutha" (SNEAK PEEK)

All is fair in love, war and jewelry design today on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful. Wyatt (Darin Brooks) informs Liam (Scott Clifton) he's hip to his fickle brother's penchant for ping-ponging back and forth between Hope (Kim Matula) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

Across town, Hope tells Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) she has to cancel Quinn Artisan's contract to exclusively design baubles for HFTF. Wait, Hope has to stop working with Wyatt because Liam is jealous, but Liam wouldn't stop porking Steffy for Hope? Color me confused. Watch a sneak peek of Wednesday's B&B after the jump! 


Liam Wants No Hope For Wyatt's Future on The Bold and The Beautiful (SNEAK PEEK)

That Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) possesses the balls of a brass stallion. The sucka has the audacity to ask Hope (Kim Matula) to end HFTF's business deal with Quinn Artisan today on The Bold and the Beautiful!

Mr. Fickle Pants must really be worried about Wyatt (Darin Brooks) and Hope's crackling chemistry, to ask her to cancel a lucrative contract. Keep giving the douche more of his own medicine, Hope!

Elsewhere in SoCal, Rick (Jacob Young) is sent reeling after learning of Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and Maya's (Karla Mosley) engagement; while Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) confides in Eric (John McCook) about her insecurities where the ex-con-turned-supermodel-turned-actress are concerned. Rick better be careful. His daddy loves to date his sons' leftovers.

 Watch a sneak peek of today's B&B after the jump!


Can Liam Deal With Wyatt and Hope Working Together on Bold and Beautiful? (SNEAK PEEK)

The next Forrester Creations collection could be called GWE (Green With Envy), because that's exactly what fashionista Hope Logan's (Kim Matula) boyfriend Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) is these days! Can Liam come to terms with Hope and Wyatt's (Darin Brooks) new working relationship? Watch a sneak peek of Tuesday's The Bold and the Beautiful and decide for yourself! READ MORE

Bold and Beautiful's Clarence on Hope Enjoying Liam’s Jealousy: “She is so Brooke”

Like mother, like daughter? On his latest update, Clarence weighs in on Hope (Kim Matula) enjoying Liam’s (Scott Clifton) jealousy over Wyatt’s (Darin Brooks) kissing her by saying, “she is so Brooke.” Is Hope becoming more like her mother, than she's willing to admit? Watch Clarence’s always fantastic update after the jump! READ MORE