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Requiem for a Daytime Drama, Part Three

The third in a highly personal, non-objective series highlighting various aspects of the last episodes of Guiding Light, which will end its 72 year run on September 18th.

The third from the last episode of Guiding Light was all about reactions and coming to grips with the demise of Alan Spaulding, mirroring the mixed emotions of the show's fans as the series takes its final bows.

As news of Alan Spaulding's (Ron Raines) death rippled through town, we were treated to one of the most honest portrayals of how people react in such circumstances as has ever been seen on daytime. Over the last 30 years, Alan had committed any number of heinous crimes against most of the citizens of Springfield and yet his passing left many stunned (Ashlee, Blake, Reva, Jonathan, Frank), some confused (grandson Rafe), and others shocked & saddened (Lillian, Buzz).

When all is said and done, today's episode was rocked by Grant Aleksander (Phillip), Zack Conroy (James), and Marj Dusay (Alexandra). READ MORE

Requiem for a Daytime Drama, Part Two

The second in a highly personal, non-objective series highlighting various aspects of the last episodes of Guiding Light, which will end its 72 year run on September 18th.

Let me begin by making an audacious claim. In my opinion, the September 15, 2009 episode of Guiding Light — the fourth from its last broadcast ever — may just go down as one of the series' greatest episodes of all time. This is not hyperbole; maybe not top five, but certainly top twenty.

Picking up immediately after the magnificent double wedding, the expertly paced episode had everything: the heartfelt engagement of Phillip & Beth; Josh's bittersweet decision to leave Springfield and find himself; the advancement of the romances of the teenaged James & Daisy and the smoking hot Mel & Cyrus; the ongoing tease of a courtship between Frank & Blake; and the long overdue reconciliation of Lizzie and Sarah, as Jonathan gave the Spaulding heiress shared custody of their daughter.

Every actor was spot on, including the sometimes over-the-top Tom Pelphrey. However, if Monday's episode belonged to Tina Sloan (Lillian), Tuesday's honors were split between Robert Newman (Josh) and Ron Raines (Alan). READ MORE

Kim Zimmer "Sad" Onscreen Daughter Didn't Return

In an interview with On Air On Soaps Michael Fairman, Kim Zimmer gave her thoughts on Guiding Light's avoidance of bringing her alter ego's daughter back to Springfield and how fans will feel with her character's ending.


Did you feel disappointed in the end, on how it wrapped up for you as Reva?


Well, I was sad that they never brought a Marah back. I don’t know why that never happened and that kind of pissed me off. They could never really figure out which one they wanted to bring back, because each one had a different job on the show. You could bring Lindsey McKeon back, but you could not bring Kimberly J. Brown back, because she would not have worked with Bradley. It’s just weird.
So, I think that is why they avoided the whole thing. I think the fans will like the last episode. I think 60 percent of my fans will be happy and I think 40 percent won’t be. (She laughs).

Requiem for a Daytime Drama, Part One

The first in a highly personal, non-objective series highlighting various aspects of the last episodes of Guiding Light, which will end its 72 year run on September 18th.

These final weeks of Guiding Light have been pure torture to watch. I don't mean "the new production model" (a phrase I never hope to hear again in my lifetime) or Bonnie Dennison's (Daisy) futile attempts to remember her lines. No, what has been extraordinarily difficult for me as a viewer — who vividly remembers when Roger (Michael Zaslow) kidnapped Holly (Maureen Garrett) in the Caribbean and Ed (then Mart Hulswit) threw him off a cliff — is watching the series' stories come to their inevitable conclusions. READ MORE

Guiding Light Final Promo

Damn it! This just makes me teary eyed – and pissed at a certain executive producer... Thanks to beautreal for the tip and tvobsessive2008 for the clip!

Guiding Light Featured on CBS Sunday Morning

Amid all the hoopla about the great 60 Minutes tribute which aired on Sunday evening, Guiding Light and its end was also featured during a segment of CBS' long running urbane and sophisticated Sunday Morning, hosted by Charles Osgood.

While more tongue in cheek than Morely Safer's more serious take, correspondent Richard Schlessinger nontheless provided an excellent profile of GL. The substance of the piece is roughly the same as 60 Minutes' story (a variety of clips and interviews – Robert Newman and Kim Zimmer, for example), but there is more liberal use of the show's theme music through the years, a broader examination of its history and thoughts on the survival of daytime soaps as a whole.

There are also clips of Bert Bauer (Charita Bauer), Roger's (Michael Zaslow) rape of Holly (Maureen Garrett), and glimpse at one fo the first African American contract actors in all of daytime, Billy Dee Williams. There is also a brief chat with 89 year old fan Audrey Thaler, a fan from radio through the very end. There is also a baffling — and somewhat insulting — interview with Sheraton Kalouria, former head of NBC daytime, who, obsessed with the 12-17 demographic market when he oversaw the creation of Passions, has done his part to help hasten the end of daytime faster than any new production model ever could. READ MORE