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How General Hospital Ruined The Legacy of Robin's Groundbreaking HIV Saga in One Episode

Disgusting and depraved are generally not words you would ever think to use in a sentence concerning anything associated with beloved General Hospital heroine Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough).Today's episode of GH, however, was quite possibly the most horrifying, unnerving hour of daytime television I've ever witnessed — and not in a good way. Viewers tuning in for a little love in the afternoon were instead treated to Robin and her husband Patrick (Jason Thompson) being terrorized by a psychotic Lisa (Brianna Brown), wielding a needle filled with Robin's HIV positive blood.  READ MORE

Kimberly McCullough BLASTS General Hospital Over Lexi Ainsworth's Firing!

Former soap child star-turned leading lady Kimberly McCullough (Robin) is calling a flag on the play in regards to General Hospital's decision to fire Daytime Emmy nominee Lexi Ainsworth in order to SORAS the character of Kristina Corinthos. Here's some of what McCullough had to say about GH allegedly claiming Ainsworth was too young to continue in the role, from the Nov. 1 issue of Soap Opera Digest:

"That's baloney, because the same thing happened to me," she shares. "Young is a nice way of saying you're not sexy enough. This has nothing to do with being young. I completely relate because I faced the same problem. " READ MORE

GH's Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson Mix With Fans!

General Hospital’s Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson appeared at The Brokerage Comedy Club in Bellmore, New York. The stars mixed with fans, posed for pictures and signed autographs at the October 15 event. According to The Brokerage Comedy Club's schedule, McCullough and Thompson's GH co-star Steve Burton will be holding a special event there on November 19. See more photos after the jump!


Chaos Ensues on General Hospital!

Lord in the morning... Lisa (Brianna Brown) finally flips her wig, with help from Anthony (Bruce Weitz), and lives are held in the balance on this week's General Hospital. I guess Lisa never read, He's Just Not That Into You.. Watch the promo after the jump! READ MORE

Regan Reax: Jake's Hit And Run, Day One

If you caught me on Twitter after I finished up GH, you saw I promised to save my reaction for the blog. So here it is, Jake’s Hit and Run, Day One, what I liked, loved and would have done differently.

I readily admit that my thumb was on the fast forward button during certain scenes. Sorry Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) and Sonny (Maurice Benard), your honeymoon plans and stupid giggles mean nothing to me. A baby is about to be run down and I wasn’t one of those people who gushed over your nuptials. I also could care less about your baby, Brenda. I did catch the snippet that Suzanne stashed the kid away with a family she met through ASEC; snooze, yawn. Brenda’s child does not interest me if it’s only a means to VMG's probable exit.

Now that I got the crap out of the way, let’s break it down. Steve Burton, Jonathan Jackson, Rebecca Herbst, Laura Wright, Ingo Rademacher, Tony Geary and yes, Chad Duell, great job! Actors do their THING with their eyes and faces. Anyone can spit out some lines. Bow down to Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) and those eyes. Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) is starting to give Mr. Burton a serious run for his money. Becky Herbst (Elizabeth Webber) shows true heartbreak like no other. Laura Wright (Carly Jacks) and Ingo Rademacher ‘s (Jax) scenes with Josslyn were fantastic and natural. Tony Geary (Luke Spencer) was fantastic and I would be remiss if I left out Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos III). Mr. Duell is definitely paying attention when playing with the big boys and learning.

Chat With GH Stars LIVE During Sonny and Brenda's Wedding!

How great is this. General Hospital is celebrating the wedding of Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) with an entire week of chats. In addition to Bernard and Marcil Giovinazzo, GH’s Steve Burton, Laura Wright and Kimberly McCullough are scheduled to take part. The chats, which start at 3 PM EST at, are part of a week-long event called “Watch with the General Hospital Cast.” To join in on the chat, beginning February 21, visit

I only wish they'd done this for Luke (Anthony Geary) and Tracy's (Jane Elliott) wedding. I'd have loved to asked what they think of their character's rocky, yet loving relationship.

Find out which days your favorite GH star will be chatting live after the jump! READ MORE