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What If Molly Burnett Actually Received An Emmy Nomination, And Won?

Every year at Emmy pre-nomination and nomination time we the fans pore over the official list of pre-nominees and nominees and then debate who we believe deserved their nomination, who was robbed and who shouldn't be on the list. Then comes the discussions of whether or not alleged block voting will have an impact on who wins or if this is all just one big old popularity contest.

At this point I'm just coming out of the "they were robbed" stage. I do not know what Melody Thomas Scott and Trevor St. John are going to have to do, but apparently it is easier to do the work of one's career than to get an Emmy pre-nomination. Meanwhile Molly Burnett, hair model extraordinaire, received an Outstanding Younger Actress pre-nomination for her portrayal of the widely reviled Melanie Layton.  READ MORE

Should Maxie Fall For Johnny, or Keep Her Heart Smart for Spinelli on GH?

What's that they say, if you can't beat 'em, poll 'em? You guys know how I feel about practically all of my favorite General Hospital pairings (Liason, Spixie, Skate, Nikolas and Nadine) being torn asunder for reasons that are based more on corporation than characterization, however, I must admit one of the new potential equations could work for me, and that's Johnny and Maxie. (Has the squish name factory given them a joint moniker yet?) 

Don't stone me fellow Spixie fans, but Brandon Barash and Kirsten Storms were kinda hot together during all the Go Red dress drama, plus their connection annoys the heck out of the increasingly grating Snarly 2.0 aka Lulu (Julie Marie Berman), which is an added bonus. Now I definitely still want the Maxinista and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) to find their way to soapily-ever-after— complete with a prerequisite presumed death, switched baby storyline and three, splashy Sweeps week weddings set to John Mayer songs— but this is a soap, and there has to be conflict, and something tells me Maxie likes her conflict like she likes her pizza, hot, Italian and heavy on the pepperoni.
What do you think, should Maxie give Johnny a spin, or should she finally realize that all she really wants is to be Jackaled, over and over and over again?

Bobbie Spencer Sighting

It's always nice to see Jackie Zeman pop up on General Hospital as Bobbie Spencer. During today's "What if Maxie died" episode we got to see her at the hospital and at Kelly's interacting with Monica (Leslie Charleson), Robin (Kimberly McCullough) and BJ (Kirsten Storms) respectively.

What did you think of today's show? Did they ever explain the hideous wig that Kirsten Storms was wearing?  I missed the first ten minutes or so. I kept wondering if BJ was suffering from cancer or some other follicularly challenged disease. It definitely provided a much bleaker outlook of Port Charles and honestly I didn't think that was possible, considering how dour General Hospital can be. More pictures after the jump. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’ s the Scoop! 02.23.09

Sorry for the delay…

Who’s the new guy on set? Gotta love Facebook as Sarah Brown has once again updated her status and spilled some SCOOP: Sarah Brown thinks "The New Guy" working with Kimberly McC is going to stir you ... And um ~ also that he is smokin Hot ;). Naughty Nicki will surely appreciate the hot part. But who’s the new guy? Even Sarah doesn’t seem to know. RUMORS say Ethan and Robin will be sharing the screen soon, is that the newbie Brown was referring to? Is there someone else coming aboard? Guess time will tell as the scene SHOULD pop up on our screens in about three weeks.

Sam and the Jackal P.I.’s extraordinaire? When Sam declared her desire to become a P.I., many Sam fans suggested she and Spin team up. RUMOR has it, that MAY be happening when Sam asks Spinelli to work for her. Question though, shouldn’t Sam be working for Spinelli? He did get his license first… Will Winnie be involved?

Is Sam getting arrested? Is it Sonny and Jason’s fault? There have been RUMORS that Sam’s apartment will become the feds property to search. Where will she go? I guess the JaSammers get another bone from me as RUMORS say she’ll be back in her former residence. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 02.18.09

Robin and Patrick and the Post Partum Depression… It appears that Robin had a breakthrough and she even mentioned that she felt like herself again. Is the PPD storyline over and out? No. As I mentioned, Robin should be having another breakdown of sorts when Emma won’t settle down, leaving the crying baby with Patrick. Robin wants to return to work. Will the Scorpio – Drakes be in the market for a nanny? Will Robin seek treatment for her Post Partum? SPOILERS say she and Patrick will discuss it.

Rebecca… Nikolas wants to know all he can, Rebecca is creeped out by Nikolas and Tracy isn’t so sure the Q’s should be involved with the Emily look-a-like. I’ve already dished on the possible Lucky-Rebecca stuff, she’ll be much comfortable with Lucky. Will we see another quad with Nikolas-Rebecca-Lucky-Elizabeth? All reports say LL2 is the story but they will be involved in the Nikolas-Rebecca storyline. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 02.11.09

Another dream episode? This time it’s Maxie in the starring role. What if BJ never died? What if Maxie was the one who died back in 1994? How would Maxie’s death all those years ago affect the residents of Port Charles if BJ hadn’t been in that accident giving her heart to a failing Maxie? Kirsten Storms becomes BJ for the special dream episode. Will Bobbie make an appearance? Good news for Spixie fans, this special episode is said to be “very Spixie heavy.” Mac will make an appearance as an alcoholic, Patrick and Carly are married and having affairs, Robin has pledged a love-less life after Stone's death, and Frons is finally getting his Storms - Jason Cook reunion. BJ is a medical student engaged to Dr. Hunter. Maxie wakes up from her dream and wants to be a better person, realizing she's lucky to be alive. A. Bobbie better be involved B. I can't wait to see John J. York flex his acting chops and C. Great concept but in the end is this more lazy writing? Haven't we seen (countless times) Maxie's health in dire straits and her realization that she has to do more with the gift BJ gave her? READ MORE